The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow

BY Washington Irving


Sleepy Hollow takes place in a small town in New York State, and The "legend" is that there is a monster called the "headless horseman" who rides around a disappears in a flash. He lost his head in a nearby battle, and each night he roams the countryside in search of it.


Greensburgh lies between the Hudson and Tappan Zee rivers, and it is a small town and near this town is a very dark and quiet place named Sleepy Hollow. In this place, the land and the people all exhibit a quality of dreamy drowsiness they believed it was caused by some spell or curse. Sleepy Hollow has more than its share of legends and unorthodox occurrences.

The towns most predominant character is the headless horseman who rides on horse, people believe that he is a Hessian soldier from the Revolutionary war, and is repeatedly seen riding through quickly through the town, usually near a church. Many people believe he rides around in search of his head and he is known as the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow.

One day, Ichabod realizes that the richest guy in town has a daughter who he thinks is cute so, he tries to get with her so she has no choice but to fall in love with him. But Brom wants to kill Ichabod for taking his girl.

On day there was a party that both Ichabod and Brom were invited to and Ichabod gets dump and cries on the way home, then he meets the headless horseman. Ichabod tries to run away from him and when he thinks it safe, the headless horseman throws his head at him and knocks Ichabod.

The next day no one every knew what happened to Ichabod, they see horse tracks and assume the Headless Horseman got him but they were unsure, so everytime people talk about him Brom laughs suspiciously.

Ichabod Crane, originally from Connecticut , is the schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow. His school was made so that anyone could break in easily but would have a hard time getting out.

Ichabod Crane is also an anti hero in that he is the tales protagonist and has some good qualities but has some flaws. He is not particularly interested in his students but is well educated compared to others in his town

My metaphor expresses how Ichabod is greedy because he is never satisfied with what he gets or he never gives he is a consumer because the only reason he tried to get with Katrina is because her dad was wealthy and he wanted more money.