Stars of olympia


Our special day is coming!!

it is a special day which will be held every year and 2 million more people it is a kind of talent show where everyone who is allowed to do so has a talent or something, it is in our own school, the Christiaan Huygens College Olympia in the auditorium, we usually decorate the auditorium, we also buy a stage where they perform for those who wish to act.

Stars of olympia

Wednesday, March 19th, 11:45pm

38 Botenlaan

Eindhoven, NB

The big opening

it starts on March 19 at night until 12 o'clock at night it is a great festival, there are also two breaks you can eat there for free pick up and there is also a wonderful end but the tickets cost 5 euros.

We are Christiaan Huygens College