Mexico city

welcome to spicy hot mexico

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Mexico Is known for being divers, the people in Mexico like old school music and modern day music. Mexico old school music if very soft and light unlike modern day music is very loud and wild. The best known genre is ranchero. Ranchero is considered old fashion. Other new styles such as cambia, pop ,and rock has increased Mexico old fashion music is very different to modern day.


Mexico city food

Get your taste buds ready for spicy hot Mexico. Mexican food has been considered very Hot it 's food resembles their climate also. Mexico gave chocolate to the world including peanuts,vanilla ,beans, coconuts , tomatoes and traditional Mexican food make use of Mexican elements like spices and beef mexico isn't all about spice It all so about sweats.


Mexico is mixed with old fashion and modern fashion there are three types of cultures in mexico . there are three main cultures, and each culture is independent the modern culture came together so neatly with the old fashion culture. mexico history is really spain like so they also have many aqueducts some of the mexican holidays are cinco de mayo is the celebration of the war and de yo de la martens is the day of the dead and knd of like halloween but in mexico.


Mexico city is warm mexico city is warm all year long. Rarely rains mexico has 4 warm months. The favorite months for tourist but October is the month is the most liked month tourist.Tourist love to visit mexico city they love the oceans and hills


Most historical sight where built back in the olden days. Mexico has been known to have the finest Architecture on earth. Mexico has fascinating Places and Basilicas. Most of the buildings in mexico where built in the 16th century and have lots of aqueducts and spain like architecture.


Mexico got there fascinating language from spain. As many as 100 language are spoken in mexico city. Mexicans that speak an indigenous Language also speak spanish mexico has one of the most unique langugees ever.