The Divine Charis

1353 Charis Street, San Diego, CA, 91032

Mission Statement

We the people of Divine Charis Church promise to uphold the twelve characteristics of a modern Catholic Church. We promise to serve the community and nourish our faith through the sacraments and graces God has given us. Divine Charis Church has a special dedication to St. Paul and his belief that God’s life is in us. We wish to lead our lives in faith, hope, and love so that we may be transformed into God’s faithful servants and messengers of his Holy word. As children of God, our mission is to bring the Kingdom of God upon Earth with the support and love of the community. By living like Jesus and following his way, we show our duty to love and to serve for the sake of others. We grow, we love, and we pray as one.

Mass Schedule









10:30am (Spanish)


5:00pm (Spanish)

Receiving the Sacraments

If you would like to be Baptized, receive Communion, be Confirmed, or receive Matrimony, please contact our priest or our office to set up a meeting to discuss the process of receiving the sacrament and the ceremony.

You can receive Reconciliation on any Saturday after the 8:00am mass until 10am.

New Member Welcome Mass and Brunch

Monday, Aug. 1st, 8am

1353 Charis Street, San Diego, CA, 91032

At this mass we will be welcoming the new members of our Church. These members have gone through a lengthy process, learning more about the church and our religion, and receiving Baptism and Confirmation. After mass, everyone is welcome to join us for brunch in our cafeteria. This is a great opportunities to make our new members feel welcome and get to know them.

Youth Group

Sunday, May 15th, 5-7pm

1353 Charis Street, San Diego, CA, 91032

The people in the process of receiving Confirmation must go to Youth Group. Anyone not in the process is also welcome to come to Youth Group. At Youth Group, people will be learning more about being a Catholic, the bible, get a better sense of community, and a closer relationship with God. We will be reading a bible passage each meeting, have a discussion about it, and have fun activities that show us how to relate the moral teachings taught in the passage to our daily life. This is a great opportunity to connect with God and your community. You will grow a personal relationship with everyone involved in Youth Group.

Youth Group is EVERY Sunday unless something is posted otherwise.

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Barbecue Social/Fundraiser

Friday, June 24th, 7:30pm

1353 Charis Street, San Diego, CA, 91032 at the Parish Hall

After Mass which is at 6:30pm, you can walk to the Parish Hall to enjoy some Barbecue. At this event, you can mingle with other members of the church and the money from the food you buy goes towards the local San Diego homeless shelter. This is a great opportunity to connect with your fellow parishioners and give back to our community. The homeless are a part of our community that we share with God. Help them feel welcome and loved. There will also be fun activities for the kids to enjoy while you mingle with the parents or join in on the fun activities. Everyone is welcome to participate. If you now anyone that isn't a part of our Church let them know about this great opportunity to give back and have fun and invite them to join us.

Bingo Night

Friday, May 27th, 5pm

1353 Charis Street, San Diego, CA, 91032 at the Parish Hall

Bring your whole family and friends to the Parish Hall on this fun filled day to play Bingo. Bingo is a great competitive game for the whole family to enjoy. I know it was and still is my favorite game. The kids and seniors won't be able to play enough of it. We will be providing food and drinks for $5 a person. Whoever wins Bingo get a free ticket to one of our next events. As you hopefully know, all of our event are so much fun and bring the community together through games and interactions. Get ready to show your friends and family your Bingo skills!

Happy Birthday to Our Parish

On May 16, 2016, our parish was officially open. I am so glad that me and my fellow parish coordinators were able to make this parish into a reality. Thank you for your support and God bless you all.

Service Opportunities

Serving at the Soup Kitchen


Financial Aid

Donating money, clothes, food

(If you are interesting in any of these service opportunities please contact the office)

Contact Info

Hospitality Coordinator: Sophia Crennan (619) 347-8831

Special Ministries Coordinator: Cassidy Nguyen (619) 943-8042

Liturgy Coordinators:

  • Maris Amsberry (619) 647-7720
  • Kylie Greene (619) 518-4338

Music Coordinator: Julia Lamas (619) 559-2024

Mission Coordinator: Kiana Yazdani Bosdet (619) 921-3642

Religious Education Coordinator: Tatiana Sallins (858) 430-2162


  • Father John Amsberry (858) 382-5539
  • Father Henry Framend (619) 659-7021