Lineville Technology

by Isabelle Polcin

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is program that we used in technology to present what our dream job was.I learned in Haiku Deck that there are many different options to fit your style.Something else that i learned using Haiku Deck is that when you present you can have a box that i called 'presentation notes' that allows you to have notes that only show on your device to help you present or make sure you remembered everything on that slide.The last thing I learned using Haiku Deck is that if you need an image you can search it on Haiku deck but it takes some of the words that you used in that slide and places them below the search bar in case any of those words are the picture you are looking for.

Go Animate

In technology we did a project called two truths and a lie and used the program Go Animate.Go Animate lets you make a video from scratch or you can use one of their scenes and build on from their characters. Go Animate was a fun project because it lets be creative and you can make your characters be anything and do anything.


iTrailer is a program that lets you make a trailer for anything you want.Something cool that I liked about iTrailer was that there's different kinds of themes that you can use depending on the type of trailer you are making.So if you are making a family fun kind then they have one to go with that kind, or if your making a fantasy trailer they have one for fantasy.In technology we used the app for making a trailer about us.Something that I learned from the app is that it actually is very fun to make and it honestly doesn't take alot of work at all.

Explain Everything

In explain everything we chose a math problem from her list and made a explain everything explaining how you would solve the problem.Explain everything is a presentation app that you can record your voice, add pictures and use drawing tools like pens and markers.I thought that the unit was fun because to me it was fun to use a presentation app where i can draw while recording my voice.What I learned from explain everything is that when you done recording and done with the video it is kind of fun to listen to your voice on a presenting app.

Career Locker

Career locker was a app that we did with Mr.Noe to learn our way of learning, which careers our personality would fit, and we also talked about college and why its important to complete high school and not drop out.What I learned from career locker is that there's careers that I never thought would fit my personality but after we took the quizzes it showed me different careers and some jobs I didn't even know excited.I enjoyed career locker because you could search any career you want and it would tell you about that job, and most of them would have a video of a day in the life as that career and it would show you their salary.

Typing Web

Throughout the year we used the program typing web to help us type without having to look down at the keyboard.Typing web is a good website because in real life depending what your job is you are going to really need to know the keyboard for your job or it will take you a long time to type and that could get you in trouble.What I liked about typing web is that it broke it into parts.What I learned from the app is that it makes typing and life if you know the keyboard without having to look down.