Kindergarten Dec. 1-5, 2014

F. L. Moffett Library


This week is National Cookie Cutter week. In December this week celebrates the fun use of the cookie cutter. At F. L. Moffett, we sometimes use them with play dough in our classroom. There is a National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in Joplin, MO. There are probably enough cookie cutters in the library to start a museum.


Tuesday was National Giving Tuesday. The book called A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams is about giving. A family loses their home by fire. Then, the grandmother and daughter save their money in a jar so that they can buy the mother a chair big enough for all three of them to sit in.

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A cookie cutter is actually a tool used to cut cookie dough, play dough or bread into a particular shape. Cutout cookie cutters cut out the dough in the shape of the cutter. Detailed imprint cookie cutters cut out the dough and leave an imprint in the dough that lasts through the baking process. A cookie press can be a hand operated press used to make large batches of cookies that are shaped using a disc that comes with the press.


Building a gingerbread house from a kit takes longer than you think. ADULT help is definitely needed. First, you must carefully inspect the kit to make sure that the factory included all the pieces they say are included in the box. Now, you are ready to begin with the instructions. You might want to check the Internet to see if the company that made the kit has any "how to videos" in case you need more help than just the instructions on the box. You may need more supplies to use in decorating.
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Follow the instructions on the kit . Be creative as you decorate. You can get ideas from books with pictures, other gingerbread kit boxes and things in the bakery of the grocery store.