I have a DREAM

Executive Director team

Hi gals on the back of such an outstanding April I want to say to you all Tiaras off. So many of you qualifying and hitting month one of the next Style Fix and soooooo may achieving 1000PQV and getting your Personalised Engravable Necklace, that's so super super cool.

Plus all our amazing new promotions all of which will be on the Dazzler facebook page along with super month end Kudos,


Onto May

As you know it is my deep dream to re hit Executive Director team this month and as such take the 100 plus of us who are registered for Hoopla to that very special occasion as an Executive Team. The only one in Europe. For me that would be very special. But we kind of need to move mountains and need Directors and Stars to promote plus a mere 500,00TQV. Yep a cool half a million and so that means everyone doing a bit. At 500PQV a show that's 1,000 shows. Cab we do it? I feel sure we can and I know that quite apart from me there are many Dazzling Leaders that would so like to re promote after the winter so that they too can take their teams to Hoopla as

Star Director team Sarah Allmond,

Director teams Jo Wells, Camilla Chiverton, Beth Hammond, Fiona Parry and Elise Heptinstall-Holmes

Associate Director team Bernie Moss Collins, Emma Dixson, Jane Jordon, Cathy Molsey, Hannah Pateman

And all our Stars including those for whom May is second time bonus pay time.

So I can only ask you to think about what you want this may and go for it. To add a little bit of extra excitement I'd like to announce my team Incentive


Tea Time Treat

* Hold 4 qualified shows in May ( have to be dated and held in May) one ticket in draw

* Hit 1500 PQV get a second ticket in draw

* Hit 2000 PQV get a third ticket in draw

and so in in incremental of 500

This is open to Stylists, Associate Stylists, Senior Stylists and Stars

4 sparkly gals will be picked out of the draw and will win

Afternoon tea At The Ritz with me


* 8 shows in May and hit 5000 PQV you win a guaranteed invitation


So thank you for reading this, thank you for thinking we can do it, thank you for supporting yourselves, your immediate team, the Dazzlers and thank you for your support of me.

This business is only the business it is because of the people in it and I am grateful everyday that the world has brought me into contact with you all.

My cup is filled with joy and on my engravable I'm having HAPPY because that it what you make me

with love