Tuesday Tech Talk for Teachers

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Just for YOU

This is the 1st edition of the Paris ISD Tech Talk for Teachers newsletter. Watch for items to inform you of extensions, applications, and tricks for making you more productive. The length of each video is posted, so you can make time for the most important tips & tricks just for YOU!


BEST TIP EVER - To reopen a tab you've just closed, hit Ctrl+Shift+T at the same time.


Just like magic, your tab will return!

TCCA Tip - New Grading Period = New Google Classroom

I attended the TCCA Conference online last weekend, and one of the tips shared was to start a NEW Google Classroom when you start a NEW Grading Period. It can help you and your students with closure of a subject/topic, and then move on to a NEW experience. It can also help with keeping things simple.

Track Student Participation in Google Classroom

Classwork Zoom is a Google Chrome extension that integrates with Google Classroom to track student effort and participation and displays it in a timeline.

Click to see How-to Install Classwork Zoom - 2 minutes

Click to see Getting Started with Classwork Zoom - 8 minutes

Click to see Intro to Classwork Zoom - 5 minutes

Creating Self-grading Quiz in Google Classroom - 8 minutes

Eric Curts shows how to create self-grading quizzes in your Google Classroom.
Google Classroom: How to Create Self-Grading Quizzes

Looking for the Experts?

If you need to find something specific, Google it or look it up on YouTube. Here is a list of some instructional technology experts:

  • Eric Curts
  • Leslie Fisher
  • Michelle Ferre Emmerson
  • Sam Kary
  • Alice Keeler
  • Jason Green
  • Joan Gore & Janet Corder
  • John Sowash
  • Kasey Bell - Shake Up Learning
  • Dr. Desiree Alexander

Comment and Talk Extension - 3 minutes

Marc Seigel explains how to share voice messages in all things Google. Leave personal comments for your students in Google.
Tech Tip--Comment and Talk Extension

Help! Too much information! Get Organized. - 14 minutes

This video will help you get your Google Classroom ORGANIZED - helpful tips and tricks to help you and your students.
How to Organize Google Classroom | EASY Tutorial

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Jennifer K. Simmons

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