North V.S South

Southern Belle

Abrham lincoln

He was the persident for the north and nobody liked him.

Ulysses s. Grant

He was the military leader for the north.

Jefreson Davis

he was the persident for the south.

Robert E lee

He was the military leader for the south.

Causes of the Civil war

North- The northern economy was based on industry's. They believed that the right thing for them was to have federal rights, federal rights is the belief that federal government should have more control over the rights of the states. They opposed of slavery, witch meant that they felt it was immoral and dint like it or want to have it. They wanted high takes on foreign goods, they made there own goods. The differences where that they where based on industry's, they where also more educated then the south.

Causes of the Civil Was

South- They where based on farming. They believed in states' rights, that was the idea that states have right to limit the power of the federal government. The south wanted slavery because they thought that if they lost slavery they would go bankrupt. They wanted to lower tax on foreign goods because they had to go over seas and bye there goods over there. There differences where framing and where less educated.

Advantages disavantages for nouth and south

North- Advantages, Leader ship of abellian, indestrive/ power, more weath, more rail roads, controlled the shipping. Disadvantages, weak motivation, unagressive officers, far from home. large coast line, lots of land.

South- Advantages- out standing generals, strong militrarys, traditon, strong motivation, skilled with guns, cotton can be exchanged for guns. Disadvantages- Printed paper money that was low in vaule, had low number of men, they where under lead of Jeffreson Davis.