Reduce Enegry Consuption

Ways You Can Save The Earth!!! By:

Earth Day Problem

The problem is that in the United States, most of our electricity comes from the dirty process of burning coal, oil, and gas. Using less energy means burning less of these fuels, which cuts down on pollution. That protects the enviromnet and our health!

Possible Solutions

One solution is that we could buy efficient products.Certain windows and glass make it much more energy efficiant. Another way is you can turn off equipment and appliances while not in use. Another way is to get sleep programs on computer, laptops, etc. That way if you forget to turn something off the computer shuts itself down when it hasn't been used in awhile. The last reason is that we can have less lights on throuht the day, or if it is sunny out we could have no lights at all! If everyone did this it would save so much energy!!