The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas

experience the culture of these great civilizations

The Incas

Come and marvel at the great beauty of the Incan lands. From the beautiful llama and alpaca art to their amazing terrace farming, without terrace farming the Incans would probably die. Did you know they even honored the llamas and alpacas because of their great importance? Experience their great invention of quipu system to suspending bridges you'll never miss out on the beauty.

The Mayans

The Mayans have had great leaps and bounds in science and art. Now for a once and a lifetime offer you can experience their wonder. Did you know they invented zero? That's not all though, they had great farming techniques to, their canals are impeccable. They even built pyramids to rival those of the Egyptians. We even provide demonstrations of their great ball game, in Incan society the loser was sacrificed to the gods. They thought that if they didn't that a new day would not be born.
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The Aztecs

We promise you that the Aztecs impressive empire will not disappoint. They had great inventions like Chinampas, floating water beds. They could grow three crops on these beds, like maize and corn. They even invented codices, books that helped explain Aztec culture. On this trip, you could learn about this and much more, like there sacrifices to the gods and complex rituals.
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