Balanced Literacy:

Framework for Critical Literacy Within & Across Disciplines


What does "balanced literacy" really mean? What does it look like in an ELA classroom? How can teachers implement or improve the framework? How can teachers of all contents support literacy within their disciplines?

This page is intended to highlight elements of discussion of the Literacy Initiative for the October PRIDE meeting in the DeKalb County School District.

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Literacy Initiative Documents

Balanced Literacy Initiative - Year 1 Resources

Leveled Literacy Intervention (click for materials overview)

Writing Units of Study (click for materials overview)

Disciplinary Literacy (click for summary of professional resource)

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K-12 Literacy Training Team: Lynn M. Angus, K-12 English Language Arts Coordinator; Eden Clark, Educational Media Coordinator; Jeffrey Dillard, Professional Learning Facilitator; Cathy Harris, Professional Learning Facilitator; John Hruby, Professional Learning Facilitator; Kanessa Vandenburg, Professional Learning Facilitator; Jamillia ‘Danquel’ Williams, Professional Learning Facilitator; Margo Williams, English Learners Coordinator; SWD Coordinator; and Gifted Coordinator