Human Rights On Same Sex Marriage

Penalty For Same-Sex Marriages Around the World

Africa- They Have Imprisoned A 10 Yr Old For Same-Sex Relations

Asia- They Have Imprisoned People And Have Given Fines For Same-Sex Relations And Marriage

Middle East Muslim Countries, Death Is The Punishment For Such Relations. Middle East Countries Like Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Palestine, Jordan, Iran, And Iraq Have Banned Gay Marriages/Activity. In Iran, It Is Punishable By Death.


The legally recognized union between partners of the same sex.


  • The Total Number Of Same Sex Marriage Is 598,791
  • 6 US States Have Legalized Same Sex Marriage

What Can We Do To Help

  • You Can Start Off By Helping Either Protest To Legalize Same Same Marriages Or Helping WIth Fliers Or Displaying Of Same Sex Marriages
  • You Can Talk to People And Get Their Opinions On The Topic Of Same Sex Marriages
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