WACky Writing!!

Encouraging Writing Across Content Areas


  • Why is it important that we have students writing in all content areas?
  • Why do you think research supports the connection between writing and content retention?
  • What are is the most difficult to incorporate writing?


Start with the standards... Look at your PAs...
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I wonder...

Mentor texts...

Choose a RAFT

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mentor texts..

Math Attack! by J.Horton- Online Read Aloud (Ms.M)

Math pictionary

  • Reinforces academic vocabulary
  • Connects right brain/left brain thinking
  • Formative assessment to help drive instruction
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Digging Deeper

Allowing students time to let their thinking become visible gives them invaluable reflection time and serves as a bridge to mastery of key concepts.
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Social Studies

Trading Cards...

Students summarize and identify key points about a historical person, place or landmark.
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  • George Washington
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Battle of the Alamo
  • Ellis Island
  • The White House