Genetic Engineering

Gene Mutation

What is Genetic engineering ?

Genetic Engineering is where scientist take DNA from on organis, and combning it with a DNA of another organism. They do this to create better crops, healtheir animals and they even can be used on humans.

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Whats genetic engineering got to do with genetic mutation ?

Genetic Engineering is an event that changes the inherited DNA of an organism. Genetic engineering is classed as a gene mutation is altering the inherited DNA by mixing two DNA together.

What ethical issue surround the topic ?

Some people think that it wrong to make this modified organism the main reason are long-term effects on human health and the environment; blending of non humans animal DAN and unintended personal, social and cultural consequences.

Some people argue that it is the same as selection breeding which has been happing for hundred of years.Genetic engineering could lead to humans involving into better spices quickly.