Counselor Corner

September 2023


We are so grateful to have all of our wonderful Dillos back on campus! This month we are beginning our counseling lessons and can't wait get into the classrooms and get to know your children even more. We have loved seeing everyones faces in the hallways and saying hello!

September Lessons

  • Meet the Counselor- We introduce ourselves and go over what a counselor is and what we do. We remind students that we work with students individually, in small groups, and do classroom lessons! We also go over how to request a counselor visit and leave the counselor request forms in the teacher's rooms.

If you have a student who you would like us to check in on, please let us know!

  • Kelso's choices- Every year, we get a special visitor here at Hill, who goes by the name of Kelso! Kelso, who happens to be a frog, is an excellent problem solver. He reminds the students at Hill Elementary how to decide if something is a small problem, that can be handled on their own, or a big problem, that needs an adult to help. If it's a small problem, he goes over nine choices that may be able to help! Check out the poster below to see his ideas!
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Announcement and Important Dates

September 1st- Leadership Team Applications due

September 4th- No school! Happy Labor Day!

September 7th- Back to School Night 1st-5th

September 22nd- Sock Hop

September 25th- No school / Parent conferences

Family Connection Challenge

Here at Hill, we encourage all families to set aside connection time with their child. Research shows that the more quality time parents spend with their child, the more likely their child will succeed in school and become well-adjusted adults. Challenge yourself to do one of the activities with your child from our list below this month! Send us pictures of you and your child together for a chance to be featured for our weekly Dillo Best updates!
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Caregiver Wellness

Monthly theme: Am I enough?

As a caregiver, this question seems to be ever present in our minds. Balancing work and family is challenging and at times can seem impossible. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like we are succeeding at any one thing. If we devote ourselves to work, our family suffers, and if we focus on our family, our livelihood is at risk. How we feel about ourselves can seriously impact our wellness. When this question plagues us, it tends to increase our stress level. And we may constantly feel the need to be someone that we are not. This self-doubt and guilt can be crippling.

Caregiver Tips:

  • Be honest and open with your child about your responsibilities
  • Set aside days and times to spend quality time with your child
  • Allow yourself to be fully present during quality time and limit distractions

Caregiver challenge:

You are not alone! Here is an activity to try: "Stop that stinking thinking!" Stop questioning who you are! Stop trying to prove to the world that you are enough. Guess what!? YOU ARE! Know your value! You are the only person in the whole wide world that is perfectly you. That is more than enough! Allow yourself to let go of the doubt and fear. You are doing the best you can!