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May 2020

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If you missed our webinar, you can find it archived in our NDAGC Webinar Library. Just visit the Membership Portal. We are working on offering professional development credit for these webinars. Stay tuned. A summary of the May Webinar is provided below.

Reading for Depth and Complexity: Implementing the Icons in Your Instruction

Sandra Kaplan's Icons for Depth and Complexity are among the most widely used instructional strategies for guiding gifted readers and thinkers. While resources for the icons abound, finding meaningful ways to implement them in your instruction can be elusive. When the Icons are implemented effectively, they are a powerful tool to move your students' thinking beyond surface level understandings. This presentation will provide teachers with practical ways to both implement the icons, and also utilize them with common comprehension strategies such as visualization, questioning, and summarizing.

Resources to Bring Depth and Complexity into Your Instruction

"Welcome to one of the most powerful tools in instruction ever created."

Ian Byrd and Lisa Van Gemert

A Webinar Series