May 4-8, 2015

Mrs. Zinke's Class

Wow! Let the SBAC Testing begin! This is the 4th week of testing! Good luck to the following students that test this week!

If your name is on the list below you will test this week! Please make sure that you attend the CC session on Monday morning and afternoon. Please choose one to attend. We will go over aspects of the performance task you will take this week. Not testing this week? Don't Worry! Each week we will have a CC for the kids testing that week. Keep an eye out for it to be on your plan!
If you are on the list below Please make sure you are at your testing location by 8:45 am the morning you test. If you are not sure what day you test or where you are testing at please call or k-mail me as soon as possible! (702)-407-1825 x7127

Kyla-Ann B.

SBAC Review Classes

Greetings Students!

It is time to start getting your brains ready for the end of the year state tests, the SBACs! In order to help you prepare, we are beginning special SBAC prep Class Connect classes this week. There will be several sessions to choose from each week, so you can choose the time that works best for you. You only need to attend ONE session per week.

This week we will be focusing on how to use the special online tools that you will need when you take the SBAC. We will not be reviewing the actual content of the test, just the tools. Think of it like learning how to play a new video game. We will be teaching you how to turn on your controller and move all of your players, rather than how to beat the game itself.

In addition to attending these live Class Connect sessions, you will want to view the following short video tutorials. These tutorials will also help you navigate the tools on the SBAC and you can refer back to them as we get closer to the test.

Videos for the week of 3/2

1. Math Keypad:

2. Entering Fractions:

3. Answering All Parts:

4. Completing Charts & Graphs:

5. Multiple Choice Answers:

6. Using a Protractor:

7. Drag & Drop:

8. Delete:

Videos for the week of 2/23

ELA Ways to Answer:

Listening Element:

Global Notes:

Videos for the week of 2/16

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Changes in Lit Synch

ELA synch classes focus on both GUM and Composition. The class will focus on Composition on Monday/Wednesday and GUM on Tuesday/Thursday. The new unit in Composition relies builds on itself. It is very important that you save your complete the assigned writing in class and save your slides. If you miss a class please watch the recording and complete the assignment before the next composition class.

Here is your May Synch Calendar. Make sure you are doing the lessons assigned on Fridays as well.

Big image

Attendance: Our attendance is based on making progress in all courses each week. Not completing lessons in all courses can result in being marked absent for the entire week.

Current Progress should be between 87% in most subjects on Friday.

Please make sure you are completing all lessons in your daily plan. I suggest printing your plan off Every Monday morning. On Friday, double check the plan you printed, any lessons you didn’t complete need to be done before Monday. If you would like to know if you are behind in progress please send me a k-mail. I would be happy to send you a progress snapshot! Not sure how many lessons to do a week? See below! :-)
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Happy Birthday!

Draco G. 5/3/15