One Big Tree

By: Jelina Relford

The seven articles of the Constitution is essentially just a part of one big tree, that being the Constitution. Each article is a branch with branches within it if you really think about it.
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The Roots

The preamble of the Constitution is symbolic of the roots of a tree, it symbolizes the framework and base of the articles and everything to come within the constitution. In the preamble it states that all of the government's power comes from the people and the essential purpose of the government. The purposes are to, "to form a more perfect union," "to establish justice," and to "to insure domestic tranquility."
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A branch

Article I of the constitution is a symbolic representation of the branch on a tree, or the legislative branch of our government. In this article it lists the necessary and proper clause aka the elastic clause or the implied powers. This clause gives more power to Congress and many Federalists favored it due to it's loose representation
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The High Branch

Another branch of the "Tree" that makes up the first part of the constitution is Article II. In article II of the constitution it explains the power that the legislative branch holds. This branch is made up of the President and other authoritative officers
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The Judicial "Branch"

Article III of the Constitution outlines the powers of the judicial Branch. This branch is made up of the Supreme court and other congress appointed courts. This branch is responsible for translating and enforcing the law and bringing justice.
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The Producers of the Tree

Article IV of the Constitution is symbolic of the producers or the "worker bee's" of a tree. In Article IV it states the duties and responsibilities of the states to the government and the government's duties to the states. These organisms on the tree help the tree run and/or function by providing the nutrients to the tree.
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Changing the Leaves

Article V of the Constitution is symbolic to the leaves on a tree changing due to a change in seasons. On the constitution the same thing occurs, but laws are changed or abolished through the use of amendments. Furthermore, this article explains that amendment's are the ONLY way to change a law, this means that a law can be ignored or changed, but it isn't actual Rule or law until it is passed and becomes an official amendment.
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Article VI of the constitution is symbolic of a great oak tree. This is because, in most areas, there is a great oak tree or a tree that is the biggest and most extraordinary that holds a lot of meaning. This is just like in Article VI where the Constitution is proclaimed as the highest law and that all officers and members of the branches have to uphold the law as well as the people. On the other hand, Article VI also explains that all of the debts prior to adopting the Constitution are still in effect and are valid.
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The Final Product

Article VII is the last article of the constitution and explains how many states are required to ratify the constitution. This is symbolic of all sun, co2, O2, etc in the air and different abiotic factors contributing to the development of a tree.