The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Matt Enger


The theme of this story is if you work hard at something it pays off.


He was not very good at baseball at the start of the book but at the end he hit the game winning hit. He was very shy at the start of the book but at the end he was very brave. I think Tom is kinda Like Carter Nesvold because when you first meet him he is very shy but when you have known him for along time he is very funny and is very nice.

How Tom changed

He changed because he was very shy and not very brave but at the end he was not afraid  to speak his mind. He changed in positive way because he was not  very good at baseball at the beggining but at the end he was very good and hit a game winning hit.


I think that the climax of the story was when Tom hit the ball and then Dilliontown won the game. Right after they won the game they found out that Doc had died.

My Hero

My hero is my brother Austin. He is very funny and wears black glasses. He served in the Army. He is very talented at drawing. He draws pictures for companies commericals. He has always worked hard and he is very successful now.