Game changing makeup. Made by: Dalilah

The story of KIMIKO

KIMIKO is a indie brand makeup that was created in New York City. Danielle wasn't able to find any other makeup that used efficacious levels of active ingredients to provide visible results. The brand has gained a cult-like following for its Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil and Hydrating Tint.

What about this makeup?

The person that has came up with this is a professional make up artist and her name is Danielle Vincent. Danielle made this makeup to address common skincare concerns with other make up that everyone uses. She added vitamins for example, C and D. She also added beta gulcan, white tea, licorice, and everything that is good for your skin. She made this all in New York. They created fine eyebrow pencils. The brow pencil is a celebrity and industry pro favorite and has garnered a cult-like following because unlike other pencils, its low-oil formula allows you to draw single brow hairs. The depth of color can adjust to be as light or deep as desired. They also created the tinted moisturizer that creates radiant, healthy looking skin while working triple-duty to even tone, hydrate, improve and protect. They created something called the serum and that is designed to lift, firm, smooth and brighten the skin, for a flawless complexion and youthful glow.

What is their goal?

21,231 and they finally reached their goal.
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