Orcas in danger

Ms. Dao Rebecca Su


An orca is a beautiful marine sea creature but, the problem is that they are decreasing. There are only 78 orcas left in B.C. That is the reason why we need more help to save these majestic creatures. Please read on to find out more. Credit goes to: artical by Cara Mckenna. Published Jan. 1,2015


Orcas are carnivores they eat fish, squid, birds, and other marine animals. The fish that they eat most is Chinook slamon. If us humans hunt too much of these salmon the orcas won't have enough of some of their favourite foods to eat. Credit goes to: www.defenders.org, Artical by: Cara Mckenna

Eating strategies

Some animals like orcas and dolphins use something called echololocation (Sound bouncing off objects with high pitched clicks) to hunt for their prey. Orca pods often work together to hunt for their prey. They herd some fish together into one area then they each have a turn eating. Sometimes they beach themselves on shore to scare their prey into the water while other orcas are in the water waiting. Credit goes to: www.defeneres.org


In British Columbia there are 78 in the waters like I told you But, world wide there are only not to be less than 50, 000 orcas left. please help them. I'm counting on you.
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chart information

Below there is a chart on the population of three orca pods. It shows their population from the 1960's to 2011. The pods J, K, and L. Credit goes to: the chart below.
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Government agency working with orcas/ plan of action

A government agency that is working on orcas is the wilderness committee. They work with many animals including the orcas they are trying to protect them (only in B.C). (Below the text is a picture of the new born baby orca in B.C) credit goes to: www.wildernesscommittee.org
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perspectives/ points of veiw

  1. My perspective: Well if you ask me I think that they are really decreasing in numbers and they need more help. There are also not a lot of successful births too. In my opinion there should never be less than 50,000 orca whales in the world.
  2. Rich Press's (media's) perspective: In his perspective he thinks that they are some of the most endangered animals in Canada. He also likes taking pictures of them using his remote controlled hexacopter. He takes the remote and drive the hexacopter up high into the sky (100 feet) making sure that the orcas don't see the hexacopter and it takes pictures. Credit goes to: Me and www.nmfs.noaa.gov

Plan of action

My plan of action is that I will write a letter to the federal government saying that they should put a little bit more effort into helping the orcas since there are only a limited amount left in B.C and in Canada.


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