Are You Sure You're Not Tired??

Mallary Donohoe

The Issue

The issue in driving tired is that drivers (no matter the age), over half of them will never fully know when they are too tired enough to actually drive and stay focused.

Tired Driving is actually one of the top three kills on NSW roads, and many people will never realise they are tired until its too late

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For males between the age of 17-49, they are the biggest audience and offenders for driving when tired, as the display the most risky behaviours and are involved in more crashes.

The least affected group of younger people are females aged 27-55. Although they admit to driver fatigue, they are far from causing/having part in a crash as they have an influence on driver behaviour.

Related Campaign - Don't Trust Your Tired Self

Don't Trust Your Tired Self is a campaign set up to give drivers the knowledge on why driving when tired is not safe. It was designed to create long-term behavioural changes, providing them with tools and techniques to evaluate the level of fatigue they have at the time.

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