Maya Johnson

Why Are Carbohydrates So important?

Carbohydrates are important because they give your body the energy that it needs to function.

Types of Carboydrates:

- Simple Carbohydrates: Made up of one or two sugars. They can be broken down quicky. They are found in foods, usually for processed foods.

- Comples Carbohydrates: Made up of three or more sugars. It is also called "starchy" foods. This includes legumes, whole-grain breads, and vegetables.

Examples of Some Carbohydrates

What Are Carbohydrates Found In?


Carbohydrates are mainly found in fruits, vegetables, grain products, dry beans, nuts and seeds.

Why Choose Carbohydrates Wisely?

You choose carbohydrates wisely because they can keep your heart healthy and can reduce your risk for chronic disease. You also have to watch out for carbohydrates with added sugar because it can make you unhealthy.