Absolute Value assignment 1.

by Alex Bridges


There are 2 different types of translations vertical translations which move the k, and horizontal which move the h. There are reflections which are from negative a's, and a dialation which stretches or compresses. You can tell if a is negative it is a reflection, if a is more than one then it is a stretch, if a is between zero and one then it is a compression. If h is positive it goes right, but you have to solve for h if the solution is positive it goes right, if not it goes left. For k if k is positive it goes up if not then you go down.

identify the vertex and state the transformations to y=-3x+1-4

the vertex is -1, -4 and the first part of the transformation is moving the graph down four and left one. the graph will stretch vertically by three and reflect over the x axis.

Find the absolute value equation that has a vertex of (-1, 3) and goes through the point (0, 0). Explain how you find it

y= -3 |x+1| +3

first I plugged in negative one and three as the h and k then I plugged in zero as the x and zero as the y and solved for a. Once I found a I plugged that in and thus the equation.

find the zeroes from eqaution 3

the zeroes are zero and negative two.

explain how the zeros relate to the graph

the zeroes are also the x intercepts in the v graph.