Our Kindergarten Lives

February 2016

Groundhog Day

What a fun way to kick off February and culminate our study- What Do Animals Do in the Winter? We are even fortunate to have our very own groundhog here at PKE! In fact the entrance to his burrow is right under our window. We did not see him however, even though we watched for him all day. We learned that because some states are only half way through the winter season, the groundhog may not be seen. So we went outside to see for ourselves. We could barely see our own shadow because it was somewhat cloudy. Many of us predict an early spring. We read a cute book, watched a video and learned all kinds of facts about our little hibernating friend. When we went outside to get a closer look at his den, we found it was all sealed up! Hmmm... we wondered why.

Take a look at the cute book your child wrote today, ask some questions and see what your child can tell you about groundhogs.

What is the groundhog doing right now in winter?

Why do YOU think his hole is sealed up?

What is your favorite groundhog fact?

What did your class name the groundhog? (We voted)

Can you whistle like a groundhog???

Below you will find some cute pictures

Learning Feedback Document and Student Portfolio

Next week your child will be bringing home a copy of his/her Learning Feedback Document. This document is a snapshot of how your child is currently performing on state standards. You will notice that some areas are not marked, these are areas that have not yet been assessed. Students are marked with B- beginning to show progress, D- developing and S- Secure, all according to appropriate benchmarks for this time of the year. It is perfectly normal to see any of these scores on a kindergartner's document. Please know that if there are concerns about your child's progression, I would have already contacted you.

In your child's Portfolio you will see assessments, "I can" goals, pieces of student writing and the recording of learning. The portfolio is divided into two sections, the back half is from September to November- we went over these things at Parent/Teacher conferences. The items up front are from November- January and are representative of your child's current learning.

Please look it over and return the portfolio and work by the end of next week. We will continue to add to it throughout the rest of the year.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me and we can set up a time to meet.

Global Play Day

Tomorrow is Global Play Day and we are going to participate! Your child may bring in a toy or game to enjoy with friends. Only 2 rules, no screens and no weapons. Enjoy the Ted Talk below on the benefits play. We are so excited. Kindergartners know how important play is!
The decline of play | Peter Gray | TEDxNavesink