Rocio Garcia Aviles


Would you ever buy a dress that costs 6,000 when you can get the same look for 20 dollars just because of the designer? To buy inexpensive,fashionable clothes you can go to the flea market,thrift store or discount store instead.

Flea Market

Shopping at the flea market you can find the latest trends at the cheapest prices.

Thrift Store

Shopping at the thrift store is not expensive because theres people that have already use the clothes or other stuff.


Shopping at the discount store is not the same as shopping at the Thrift store because in the Thrift store they already use the clothes and other stuff and there is some people that they dont like to wear clothes that other people wear already. At the discount store alot of people likes to go shopping there because is more cheep and they havent wear the clothes and everything is new there and sometimes when you go and pay they do a discount at the things you took.