Lars Svendson, a Norwegian philosopher, once said, "A utopia, cannot, by definition include boredom, but the 'utopia' we live in is boring."

Utopias have to be perfect, no flaws at all, it can not have crime, disagreements, or boredom, as the quote above explains. In many books and movies today, dystopian societies appear as utopia at first, but always have flaws. This leads to the question, can utopian societies exist?

A utopian society can only exist if everyone thinks and behaves the same way.

In this case, in order to create a true utopian society, all members of the society must think the same way.

For example, Ray Bradbury's book, Fahrenheit 451, offers an interesting view on a 'utopia'.

In this case, when the the protagnonist, Guy, and an authority figure. Beatty, talk about books ( which are illegal and burned in this fictional story), Beatty states "Burn all, burn everything" ( Bradbury 57). Beatty is explaining to Guy why books are outlawed. In Bradbury's utopia, knowledge and books are burned and shunned by the world.

Later in the book, Guy creates new opinions on his world.

For instance, "We do need knowledge... The books are to remind us what fools we are" (Bradbury 82). In this quote, the protagonist expresses how he believes books are important and necessary, going against exactly what society thinks. What once seemed as a utopia, became his dystopia.

Furthermore, everyone must behave the same way for a utopian society to exist.

In this case, in Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the animals want to rebel against there human orders in order to create what they would see as a utopia. To illustrate this, in the book it states, "the rebellion was achieved mush earlier and easily then expected" (Orwell 8). This quote shows how all animals worked together and were successful in rebelling against the farmers, towards a shared goal. A very utopian like quality. Because the animals had that goal in common, they behaved the same way in trying to reach that goal. This led them to success and a human free utopia.

Thus a utopian society can not exist if the people in it behave and think differently, for a world with disagreement cannot be a utopia.

In the world today, everyone behaves, thinks, and is their own person. And a utopian society cannot exist if people disagree. So, to conclude, a utopian society can only exist if everyone think and act the same, for if one were to be something as simple as bored, it would not be a utopia.