Password Safety

Keep your passwords safe and protected!

Things to Keep in Mind

You should never give out your password, but especially not in an email. If you would ever need your email to be sent to you you should change it immediately! This helps to secure the safety of your password and privacy. You also shouldn't use a computer in a hotel or other place where others could use that same computer. People could try to breach into your account if you do this! If you keep health records or use such things as online banking you should first make sure that the website you are using has some sort of password safety.

Tips on Making a Safe Password

You should try to make your password eight characters in length. Try to include at least one number, while using both capital and lower case letters. Another tactic to try is making an acronym out of a fact about you. Such as “I moved to Denmark when I was three.”, writing it as “ImtDwIw3.”