By: Justin Hayes

The Life of Donatello

Donatello was born is Florence near the dates 1383-1386. As Donatello grew up he spent most of his life at home in Florence. He grew up wanting to be a sculptor so he trained in a shop for the first part of his life. Donatello's life style was painting pieces and sculpting pieces. The type of art he created was sculptures, he sculpted the David in Bronze, St. George, Young Prophet and the Statue of Abraham. Donatello spent his life working for the medichies. Donatello shows two "isms" which are Humanism and skepticism. Humanism comes from his sculptures that are humans and skepticism comes from all the work he puts into this art.

A famous sculpture

One famous sculpture Donatello created was the sculpture of St. George. This piece of art was created in 1415 to 1416. If you were ever interested and wanted to find this piece of art you could go to a local museum and find this creation or another piece of his fine arts. This piece of art had armor on it, a cape on his back and looked like this man was very intelligent. This piece is so interesting because you can tell how much time it took him to make it because of all the detail. The "ism" this describes is "humanism." How this piece describes humanism is that it is a sculpture of a human and shows its reason to life. This also shows Secularism because this is a piece of art shows amd gives true feeling to life with sprit.

A Quote on Donatello

Everyone loved Donatellos work so much that everyone knows that no one can produce as much as he did as an artist. This quote shows that Donatello