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Post-Secondary Information


  1. Apply ASAP!
  2. Send high school transcript to college/university/apprentice program
  3. Send immunizations
  4. Accept or decline admission by May 1st

Purpose Driven Interventions

Do you know what you want to do after high school? Where do you start? Do you know what skills are needed to be a successful professional or succeed in a job? Visit the following website for access to workshops with professionals who can help!
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Williston State College - Free Tuition Requirements

  1. Apply at Williston State College by MAY 1st!
  2. Send high school transcripts
  3. Send immunizations
  4. Graduate May 26th
  5. Complete FAFSA by August (don't wait that long)


ND Academic and CTE Scholarship

  • $6,000 scholarship to be used in ND
  • Academic Scholarship: Requirements are strict (24 ACT, College Algebra, AP or Dual Credit, Foreign Language, etc.)
  • Scholarship Worksheet
  • CTE Scholarship: Block class CTE, 5 on WorkKeys, College Algebra, etc.
  • Brochure

Celebrating Acceptance

Oh, The Places Our Seniors Will Go...

  • Bring acceptance letter to Jeannotte during 2nd period if possible
  • Get acceptance shirt
  • Facebook shout-out
  • Display by office


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Senior Dates - May change, will post in POD/English if changes

April 17th - Senior Information Meeting in morning

April 17th - Senior Parent Meeting 7:00 pm

May 8th - Coyote Foundation Awards Night

May 15th - Honor Group Banquet

May 19th - Baccalaureate and Senior Campout

May 26th - Graduation