Our 7th President Andrew Jackson

A ultimate zero trying to be a hero

The Spoils System

The spoils system was a system used by Jackson to get more supporters to elect him by giving them jobs in his cabinet and government. Although he had all the votes for him, it didn't mean he was going to get the right people for the job. So when it came to hard decisions he didn't have the right people who knew how to disagree with him.

Trail of Tears

The of Tears was a horrible sad time caused by Jackson forcing the Cherokee Indians out the homes to move west of Oklahoma. Guess what stupid reason he did it for some land and gold. There was no reason to treat other human beings made by god like that. Did you know the Indians had their own language, medicine, schools, alphabet, and homes? How could somebody so heartless do something like that? The court case Worcestor vs. Georgia obviously said not to mess with the Indians they are a complete distinct community!

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Nullification Crisis

This crisis was caused by Jackson forcing the poor farmers of South Carolina to pay tariffs. The reason why they were upset was because they had little manufacturing which caused them to have little money to pay the tax. South Carolina then threaten to secede from the U.S. if they don't nullify the tariffs. Eventually Congress passes The Force Bill which allows them to send the army until the tariffs are payed. Later they come to an agreement to lower the price of the tariffs so it will be easier for South Carolina to pay. I would be mad to if I was forced to pay a tax I didn't need. That's just terrible.

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Political cartoon: King Andrew the First

On this cartoon it shows the zero Jackson standing all over the constitution with no respect for it. He also has a king costume on with a veto bill in his hands. Basically what this drawing is trying to say is, Jackson thinks he is above law, the constitution and every one else. If he respected him he would have listened to John Marshall to not mess with the Indians. The veto in his hands says that, he was using veto on anything that Congress was trying to tell or pass, so he was obviously over using power just like a king. This truly shows he respects no one.

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American Genocide the Trail of Tears