October 3, 2020

We welcomed our first and second grade in-person learners back to Whiteley this week! It feels so good to have students back in the building and see them enjoying learning. Our staff once again did an amazing job helping our students transition to learning and understanding different procedures. We cannot wait for Monday when our next group of third and fourth grade students join us! Families of third and fourth grade students should have received an email from Mrs. Rivera this week


I am sure our in-person learners are excited to be coming back. There are some procedures we would like to share with our families. We are also asking that parents consider sending an additional masks with their child to school. This will allow students to have a back-up mask for those unexpected occurrences. Below are some procedures we would like our families to help with:



-Supervision does not begin until 8:35, this is when we will begin to allow students into the building.

-Please have your child’s lanyard on and signed. Students need to have their lanyard signed for entrance into the school.

-Please pull all the way forward to allow for a continuous flow of cars.

-Parents will need to remain in their car when their student(s) exit the vehicle.

-Children need to be ready to exit the vehicle, with their backpack and lunch bag ready when you pull into the parking lot.

-Students must have their mask on when exiting the vehicle.

-All students will have their temperatures checked and will sanitize their hands upon entry.

-We ask that students remain an airplane arms length away from others.


-Students riding the bus will have an assigned seat the entire year.

-Students must wear their mask on the bus.

-Students will have their temps taken prior to entering the building.

-Students will sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.

-Students must wear their lanyards and staff will ensure there is a parent signature on the card inside the lanyard.


-Students will begin dismissing at a staggered time to ensure social distancing.

-Students will load buses immediately and sit in their assigned seats.

-Students that walk home or ride their bikes will be dismissed at 3:25.

-Students that are car riders will be lined up in sections .

-Parents will pull their cars up in the car line, and remain in their vehicle.

-Staff will call students to the car and students will walk to the car maintaining social distancing.

-Once students are safely loaded into the car, parents may pull-out of the carpool line safely.


Please make sure you are certifying that your child is healthy for school, by signing the card that is placed in the lanyard. Every Friday, the teacher will place a new card in the lanyard for the upcoming week.


I wanted to share with you that our PTA president, Tracey Bobitz will be resigning as our PTA president. There is a letter from Tracey attached within this letter. We want to thank her for all her work that greatly benefited our Whiteley Community. We will be looking to fill a few of our executive board positions. Our PTA will be having a virtual meeting this Wednesday on October 7th at 7:00 p.m. Please take a moment to read through the attached letter. You can also follow our PTA on their Facebook Page.


Our students in grades 2 through 6 will be participating in MAP testing October 5th-October 19th. Each classroom will have a designated time to participate in a reading assessment and a math assessment. All of our students, both in-person and virtual, will be taking these assessments. If you have any questions please reach out to your child’s teacher. For families unfamiliar with the MAP assessment, here is a video that may help.


Breakfast is part of a relief effort related to Covid 19. This offering is for all students, regardless of need. The program runs from the first day of school until December 31, 2020. While in-person learning is occurring, each student will receive five days worth of breakfast at the end of the day on Monday. As our nutritional service department works to estimate the number to prepare, we would appreciate families completing this form if they are interested in receiving breakfast when your child begins in-person learning.


This year we are anticipating a larger number of vehicles in the car pool area. As we will work to have procedures that keep our students safe please keep in mind that this will impact the time in the carpool line. Families may want to consider walking if they are closer in proximity. As we work through the first few weeks we ask for your patience as we learn this new normal and how to do things safely and effectively.


September 28th-1st and 2nd Grade In-Person Learners @ Whiteley

October 5th-3rd and 4th Grade In -Person Learners @ Whiteley

October 7th- Virtual PTA Meeting @ 7:00 pm

October 12th-Columus Day-No School

October 13th-5th & 6th Grade In-Person Learners @ Whiteley