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Week of January 23-29 2022

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Important Dates/Deadlines & Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events/Deadlines

Jan 24- Feb 8 - CSF Application Period (More information to come next week)

Jan 31 - Mindfulness Mentor/Ambassador Training (See Student Opportunities)

CSF APPLICATION PERIOD FOR Fall 2021 Grades Open Until Feb 8th

Due February 8, 2022


  • The application must be completed and turned in by the STUDENT ONLY!

  • Go to the College and Career’s CSF webpage for application form, course list, and more information or pick up a copy outside of the College and Career Center

  • Applications must be turned in by Tuesday, February 8th.

  • NO Late Applications, NO Exceptions! Please complete it early!

  • If you need help completing the application form, come to College and Career Center at lunch

9th Graders can join as honorary members.

If you want to learn more about CSF and its purpose please go to their website.

College Upcoming Events

From Reed College

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness for Sequoia Students

January 31st

Teen Resource Center(TRC) is offering mindfulness training through the Mission Be Organization. The training will be online on zoom. Students will be trained on mindfulness practices and have the role as mindfulness ambassadors/mentors. They will help promote mindfulness at Sequoia among their peers. It could be as simple as leading a 1 minute mindfulness practice in class, during a club meeting, sports conditioning, etc. Or helping to think of ways to raise awareness regarding mindfulness as a coping skill to deal with stress.They will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the training. They can use this as community service and/or on college applications. It is open to 10th-12th grade students.

Below are the dates and times for the training.

  • January 31, 2022 9:30-12:30

  • We will provide Zoom link

  • There will be a follow-up session in April (possibly in person or online)

Students can contact Ms. Romero directly or come by the TRC to


Scholarships and Contests

Updated scholarship list with January deadlines is available on the College and Career page under the Scholarships tab on the school website for all grades (Click on Scholarships and Contests above to go directly to the webpage)

LegiSchool Project Essay Contest (11th/12th Graders Only)

Due January 26

As the internet continues to evolve and grow, kids are getting exposed to the digital world at an earlier age. Many resources are available for students to make smart choices both online and offline and to take ownership over the content they post. Why is Digital Citizenship so important today? How can more students protect themselves and their private information online? In what ways can more students learn about the safe use of online information and resources?

All current 11th and 12th graders are invited to cook up an idea and submit their essay response (2 page, typed, 12 point font, double-spaced) to our annual LegiSchool Essay Contest! Selected winners will be chosen to participate in the Virtual Legislative Sum­mit, where they will be able to share their thoughts and ideas with policymakers. Application Here



Due January 26, 2022

From their website

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. The Coolidge may be used by recipients at any accredited American college or university. Anyone of any background, pursuing any academic discipline of study, may apply to this non-partisan, need-blind, program.

Primary Criterion: Academic Excellence

Above all, Coolidge scholars must possess a distinguished academic record. Competitive candidates will have pursued and succeeded in the most rigorous course of study available to them. Awardees will demonstrate an uncommon academic depth and intellectual curiosity. In the case of the Coolidge Scholarship, depth matters as much as breadth. Coolidge winners’ interest in scholarly and intellectual pursuits goes beyond the classroom.

Secondary Criterion: Interest in Public Policy and Appreciation for Coolidge Values

Candidates also should demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for the values President Coolidge championed throughout his life. Some such values include: civility, respect for enterprise, government thrift, federalism, and respect for constitutional government. The award is not restricted to candidates planning to pursue degrees in fields such as public policy or government. To the contrary, all academic disciplines are valued by this award.

Secondary Criterion: Humility and Service

Humility is a hallmark quality of leaders in the Coolidge tradition. In his autobiography, Coolidge wrote: “It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know that he is not a great man.” The Coolidge Scholarship seeks young people who display a sense of service and care for the well-being of others.

For complete details go to their website

Safe Jobs for Youth Month Poster Contest

Due January 28, 2022

All youth between the ages of 14-18 who live in California can submit a Safe Jobs for Youth Month poster virtually, focusing on workplace health safety as it relates to teens. Check out 2022 Rules and Tips in the “Contest Materials” for more information.

The prizes are as follows: First Place: $300, Second Place: $200, Third Place: $100

Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship (11th/12th Grade Only)

Due: January 30th

Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship provides college and vocational scholarships to Jobs for Youth participants. Each year, the program awards scholarships to deserving youth who would like to pursue their college/vocational education. Applicants must obtain a GPA of 2.0 and have attended a Jobs for Youth workshop and have registered as a Member

For more information or to apply please visit their website:

Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Due January 31

For students (9-12) who have made a significant positive effect on race relations in their schools or communities through their volunteer efforts.Prize recipients receive a cash prize of $1,000 and an all-expenses-paid weekend to a Symposium on Race at Princeton University where they will meet and engage with other Prize recipients from across the country. For more information: Princeton Prize in Race Relations


Leyla Beban Young Authors Creative Writing Contest - open to all grades

DUE Feb 1st

Welcome aspiring young authors, and thank you for your interest in the $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest! We’re looking for an outstanding piece of short fiction that consists of exactly 1000 words. While there are no specific guidelines beyond that, we encourage you to tell a story that matters. Write something you believe in. Tell a story that only you can tell. Our judges have no specific criteria in mind other than to look for excellence. In other words, write something that moves you that dazzles you that says precisely what you want to say in precisely the way you want to say it. As long as you do so in precisely 1000 words For More Information

2021 EngineerGirl Writing Contest

Due: Feb 1st

Every year EngineerGirl hosts a writing contest to encourage students (all genders), grades 3-12, to investigate engineering and the ways that it shapes our world. Their hope is that the competition can spark discussion and activities that can enhance or extend the love for STEM. Students must create a creative fiction story of a female main character using an engineering skill to solve a problem.

For more Information click here:
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Summer Opportunities- NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY

Every day the College Center receives information about summer academic opportunities for high school students. Most programs have a cost but also have scholarships available to students in need. Some are very competitive like COSMOS or UC Davis Young Scholars Program (a science/math program run by the UC system) and Junior State of America (JSA is sponsored by the Junior Statesmen Foundation in Washington DC) have lengthy applications that include recommendations.

Students can look on Naviance under Enrichment Programs in the College tab. While some of the information has not been updated (mainly the deadline and cost) most programs occur each year so just go to the website for new information and deadlines. You can search by subject which can make it easier to find something you are interested in.

This is the time to research and apply for these programs.

Although most colleges have a different feel in the summer when the majority of students are on break, summer programs allow students to:

  • Experience life on a college campus- get to see the area and live in a dorm

  • Visit other colleges in the area

Understand the Following About College Summer Programs

  • Most college summer programs are not run by the admissions office, moreover, they operate entirely separately from them.

  • Most are clear to state that participating in the program does not increase chances of admissibility to that institution.

  • Always check out who is actually running the program, just because it is on a specific college campus doesn’t always mean the

  • When the college offers credit, fully investigate what type it is (for a subject or as elective credits) and is it normally transferable to other colleges?

  • There are usually a limited number of scholarships available; do your research - Are they for the full amount or just partial, does everyone get FA that qualifies or are there a limited number of scholarships?

  • The cost of some of the programs are very expensive and you can find other local experiences on your own that are just as valuable (LOOK in STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR FREE EXPERIENCES)

    • Quote from Cal Tech Admission Officer -” I would see that a student helped impoverished communities in Africa for thousands of dollars and we have so many poor people right here in LA that they could have helped for free”

SUMMER PROGRAMS: Do you need an official transcript?

If you need a transcript sent to a summer program, request in Naviance.


“Colleges” tab on the top of the homepage

Scroll down to “manage transcripts”

Click the red button “Plus”

And then click “Other transcripts”

Finally, complete the information needed for the transcript request.

There is a 5 SCHOOL day turn around to send the transcripts, so plan accordingly!

Need Help? Watch short How to Request a Transcript for a College, Scholarship or Program on Naviance (2nd Semester 2022)

Need to Submit an Unofficial Transcript?

How to Lookup your Transcript in Infinite Campus:

  • Log in

  • Go to Documents Tab

  • Download Transcript


Read through for different opportunities including summer programs, conferences and community service.

Interested in Government/Politics/Leadership? Boys State – Looking for Interested Students (Juniors Males Only)

If Interested, Turn in Your Updated Naviance Resume by Feb 4th

From website;

American Legion Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls State are the premier programs for teaching how government works while developing leadership skills & an appreciation for your rights as a citizen. As a participant in the program you, will run for office, learn public speaking, create and enforce laws and actively participate in all phases of creating and running a working government in this exciting and fun summer program.

You’ll meet other students from across your state who will become friends for life.

You’ll develop confidence and leadership skills that will shape your future.

For more information about the California Boys State Program this summer CLICK HERE

Interested in Politics or Government? Intern for a Political Campaign

Students interested in a potential internship position on a congressional campaign?

The campaign is for San Mateo county board of supervisors President David Canepa who is running for U.S. Congress this year. Students who are willing to participate receive college recommendation letters, volunteer hours or any other job recommendation letters. My office is in downtown Redwood City at 2421 Broadway Ave.

If you have any students who are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please have them contact me! Lane Wills 650 740-2541 or email

SMASH Academy- A program for underrepresented students of color in STEM fields (FOR 9th GRADE ONLY!)

Due March 1st

Our program prepares students for college and careers in STEM by:

  • Hosting students to live and study at a university campus for 3 summers at no cost to students.

  • Exposing students to the many careers in STEM and computer science that they can pursue and ways they can use STEM and technology to advance their communities.

  • Expanding students’ peer and adult networks by immersing them in weekly networking nights, speaker series, field trips and a tight-knit community of peers.

  • Supporting students through high school, college applications, college and career preparation .

Our mission is to diversify the field of STEM so we focus on students who are underrepresented in the field. We are looking for 9th graders who meet the following criteria:

  • High-achieving (minimum 3.0 GPA, with an interest in math and science)

  • Low-income (preferably eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch)

  • Underrepresented student of color in STEM

Application: The SMASH application is now open for 9th graders!

Stanford Youth Advisory Group is Looking for Members

Application Due January 26

In July 2021, Stanford’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing formed their first-ever Youth Advisory Group located in Southern San Mateo County to participate in mental health trainings, facilitate listening sessions/events, and develop youth-led projects to support their peers. To address the escalating youth mental health crisis amid the global pandemic, the Youth Advisory Group also engaged with school and community partners in the County and are exploring the potential for creating an allcove center in the area. As we head into the new year, we are looking to continue and expand the efforts of this group through August 2022.

We are actively recruiting youth who represent the diversity of the Bay Area across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, lived experience, ability, and socioeconomic status (with a focus on youth coming from underrepresented communities, such as first-generation and immigrant families) to talk about and engage with youth mental health efforts.

We are looking for youth who:

  • Are between the ages of 16 to 25.
  • Live in Southern San Mateo County (Redwood City, East Palo Alto, and surrounding areas).
  • Have a strong interest in youth mental health.

Our online application is due January 26, 2022

Ongoing Student Volunteer Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity For More Information

Star Vista (16 or older, Crisis Training) For more information

Youth Advisory Board and Peer Mediators Click here or email

Project Read (10-12th) email Cassandra Levy

Healthy Cities Tutoring Visit

Big picture

PSAT Results Explained and Updates on Standardized Test Meeting RECORDING

Understanding the PSAT Result and Next Steps for Standardized Testing”


On the Sequoia website under Departments, College and Career, Evening Presentations

Bank of America Student Leaders Program- 11th and 12th Grade Only

DUE: January 28th

OVERVIEW: The B of A Student Leader Program is a summer 8-week paid internship with a nonprofit organization selected by the bank. It is designed to help students develop and apply leadership skills through hands-on work experience. Also a week-long all-expense paid student leadership summit in Washington DC to introduce students to civic, social and business leadership.

For more information or to apply:

Information and Opportunities

Ever asked yourself: What am I doing after high school? What job can I get? What jobs are paying the best?

Bay Area Community College Consortium is offering webinars during the month of February so students can learn more about careers in:

  • Construction - Wednesday, Feb. 3 from 4-5pm
  • Apprenticeships - Thursday, Feb. 4 from 4-5pm
  • Biotechnology - Friday, Feb. 4 from 4-5pm
  • Health - Monday, Feb. 7 - Thursday, Feb. 10 from 4-5p
  • Advanced Transportation - Monday, Feb. 14 from 4-5pm
  • Manufacturing - Tuesday, Feb. 15 from 4-5pm
  • Teaching - Wednesday, Feb. 16 from 4-5pm
  • Public Safety (Fire/Police) Thursday, Feb. 17 from 4-5pm
  • Computer Science/Digital Media - Tuesday, Feb. 22 - Wednesday, Feb. 23 from 4-4:30pm

You must register


Make $50 for Completing a 6-week Study (all grades)

Life-Inspire created a program that helps enhance positive feelings using non-prescriptive treatments. We are looking for participants ages 14-18 who can commit to 1 hour, 2 to 3x a week (with some option activities).

For more information or to sign up visit

Lifeguard Position (must be 16 yrs old)

Serve as an attentive lifeguard at an upscale private club guarding lap pool according to Red Cross and Menlo Country Club guidelines; maintain order and safety in and around the pool.

This is a seasonal job (April-September), with 3-6 hour shifts between 10-6pm weekdays and weekends, and some evenings until 8pm. Approximately 12-25 hours/week (more hours available if desired). Availability during 3/4 holiday weekends is required: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.

For full details and contact information email Ms Ignaitis or come into College and Career Center for a handout

Downtown RWC Job Opportunity: SF Gelateria

SF Gelateria is a gelato shop in downtown Redwood city, minutes walk from Sequoia High School. We have shop attendant positions for ages 16+ for students who love gelato and serving joy to our customers. Shifts are opening or closing shift, 5 hours each. 12pm-9:30pm Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday; 12pm-10:30pm Friday and Saturdays. Apply by sending resume to

Mathnasium of Redwood City, a Math-Only Learning Center

Looking for high school students with exceptional math skills through Algebra I and Geometry to join our team! We offer competitively paid part-time jobs at Sequoia Station with flexible scheduling and ongoing training opportunities. Our starting salaries are $15.50 - $19.00, depending on what level of math the instructors can teach.

Join us for the opportunity to make a REAL difference in a child’s life by passing on a love for math! If interested, please apply online at

Crate & Barrel is Busy and Looking for Workers!

Crate & Barrel at Stanford Shopping Center is currently building their team. Sales ~ Stockroom ~ Merchandising ~ Customer Service

Flexible hours. Day shifts & Evening shifts. Weekend availability is important.

Please fill out an application online.

Location: Palo Alto

Put my name down as a referral. (John Durkin)

Please fill out the online application. 16 years old with a work permit is the minimum age.

It’s a fun place to work. If hired, you enjoy a nice 30% off employee discount.

Please ask if you have any questions. Please send an email to for more details.

Chick-fil-A in Redwood City

Has open interviews every Monday from 2-5.

Apply at

How To Videos for students now on our website!

Students: visit the website for a number of How-To videos that Sequoia Counselors made for help with common application, scholarships and much more!
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