Wilderness survival tips

what you should do in a do or die situation in the wild


The best thing to do if your lost and you know or see that its getting cloudy is to find shelter. Shelter can keep you warm and safe. Probably if you get lost on a trip where you weren't going to spend the night you probably don't have a tent.You can use a cave or a fallen over tree then make a whole under it. You can put leaves and grass at the bottom to keep warm and the tree will protect from weather and other things mother nature throws at you

Food & Water

Food can be all around you. Plants are a good source of vegetables and if there is a nearby lake you can find fish. Wild Berries are found in most forests , so if you can find a bush , search it for berries. Also water is a important part of your survival. Your body is made of 75% of water. Without it you will die. If there is a nearby river it could be a great source. Now some rivers have clean water but to be surely safe use this method. By boiling your water over your fire it will kill all harmful bacteria , leaving you with safe drinking water.

Quick Easy Tips

  • Boil water to kill germs
  • build fire so searchers can find you easier
  • stay in 1 place
  • keep calm
  • Take inventory count so you know what you have
  • Think of problems you'll face
  • keep long pointy stick to keep safe from predators
  • Treat injuries first to stop further complications
  • layer shelter with leaves to keep warm
  • Don't look for a route because 9 out of 10 times you'll be lost from your beginning spot