The Rough Rider

The Progressive Crusader

Always fighting to give Americans a square deal

Alongside his public face as president of the great nation, Theodore Roosevelt continues his struggle to defend the American people in secret, as the noble hero The Rough Rider. Taking the name from a military unit he led in the Spanish American, Teddy uses his secret identity to help bring the progressive movement to the forefront of American Politics.

Among his mighty accomplishments:

-Taking on the mighty trusts, which seek to dominate this nation with their ever growing power

-Standing up for the rights of the labor unions, to speak out for the rights of workers

-Protecting customers from the horrors of an unregulated meat industry

-Saving our nations most beautiful natural wonders from destruction with the creation of our national parks

-the digging of the Panama Canal, finally allowing for the bridging of the once indomitable divide between east and west

Armed with his trusty Big Stick of Justice, and accompanied by his loyal sidekick, Upton Sinclair (A.K.A the "Jungle Clearer") and his noble steed "Bully" the Bull Moose, he vigilantly fights to preserve our freedoms and protect our union.

The Monopoly Sasquatch

This horrid villain, once an ordinary meat packing mogul, is the Rough Rider's mortal nemesis. When the Jungle Clearer uncovered his foul production methods, he attempted to dodge the press by hiding himself in his meatpacking plant. When he finally emerged, witnesses were shocked- weeks of constant exposure to the putrid by products of his process had turned him into an eight foot tall hair covered monster. He still manages his massive business empire in secret however. He know has fingers in every major industry, from coal to banking, and even has allies within the U.S. government.

Among his heinous crimes:

-strangling small businesses and competition with his aggressive methods of expanding his company

-bullying labor unions and worker's rights groups, forcing them to accept humiliating conditions

-Swindling American consumers into buying foul meat and poisonous drugs

-Sneaking past regulations to spoil America's beautiful landscape with pollution and waste

The Final Battle

For years, the Rough Rider, both publicly and privately fought against the Sasquatch and his evil schemes. But he was never able to catch the elusive criminal in the act, and thus put him away for good. But one day, as he had just finished signing the Aldrich-Vreeland act of 1908, allowing for tighter regulation of the banks, into law, the Sasquatch finally revealed himself. "You've meddled in my business for the last time, Theodore," he bellowed, as he burst through the door of the of the Oval Office. But as soon as he finished, Theodore took off his presidential suit to reveal his Rough Rider Uniform underneath, and retreived the Big Stick from a secret cabinet in his desk. After a long and exhausting battle throughout the White House, the two combatants ended up on the White House Lawn. "Surrender now," the Sasquatch bellowed."You are tiring. soon I will defeat you!" "never!" cried Roosevelt, just as he finished, Bully charged, brandishing his antlers. The Sasquatch fell to the ground. Meanwhile, the Jungle-Clearer had just found evidence linking the Sasquatch to a group of senators recently convicted of corruption- enough evidence to land him a liife of imprisonment. His victory over the tyrranical trust complete, the Rough Rider got on his moose and rode into the sunset.