Silver Dancers take New York City!

December 2020

The Hendrickson Silver Dancers will be traveling to New York City from December 5th-9th, 2020! Though we would love for all Silver Dancers to join us, we understand that this is a big financial burden on your families. Please keep in mind that this trip is NOT required. Additionally, we allow any number of chaperones to join us for our out of state trips.

Required Forms

Please submit these forms for EACH traveler by the first payment due date, January 21st. By submitting the signed NYC trip paperwork, you are committing to attend and pay for the NYC trip in full. This applies to both chaperones and dancers.

Silver Dancer Forms

  • New York Trip Contract
  • Student Travel Consent Form
  • Student Conduct Agreement

Chaperone Forms

  • New York Trip Contract
  • Chaperone Travel Consent Form
  • Chaperone Expectations & Agreement


Payment Schedule

The TENTATIVE trip cost of the Silver Dancer NYC trip is $1,750 based on quad occupancy. This price is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control until November, 2020. This price does not include travel insurance or luggage fees with the airlines. Payments will be $175/mo per traveler. Payment due dates can be found on the Silver Dancer calendar and are listed below.

  • Tuesday, January 21st - Non-refundable

  • Friday, February 14th - Non-refundable

  • Monday, March 23rd - Refundable

  • Monday, April 13th - Refundable

  • Monday, May 18th - 50% Non-refundable

  • Monday, June 15th (post-dated or turned in to HHS front office) - 50% Non-refundable

  • Monday, July 13th (post-dated or turned in to HHS front office) - 75% Non-refundable

  • Friday, August 14th - Non-refundable

  • Monday, September 21st - Non-refundable

  • Monday, October 19th - Non-refundable


The price of this trip could vary depending on the actual cost once the various activities are paid for. These prices are based off of the most accurate price quotes as of December 2019 for a quad occupancy hotel room. These prices are also based off of current airfare pricing, which cannot be booked until closer to the date. Be sure to check Cut Time to ensure charges/payments are accurate and up to date!

Late Payment Fees

Though we do our best to be flexible with payments, we have payment deadlines that must be met with our travel agency. That being said, it is very important that all dancer and chaperone trip payments are submitted on time. We will allow for a three day grace period after the payment due date to submit the payment with no penalty. If a payment is not submitted by the end of the third day of this grace period, the payment is considered late. A late fee of $10.00 per day PER PAYMENT will be charged, for a maximum of five days ($50.00).

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Checks made payable to "HHS Dance"
  • Cashier's checks made payable to "HHS Dance"
  • NEW! We will be able to accept credit card payments through the PfISD RevTrak system. There is a 4% service charge for the use of this service. RevTrak can be accessed from the PfISD website. Please be sure to indicate the name of traveler for which the funds are to be used when making payments through RevTrak.

**Please be aware that there are fair share and uniform payments that are due during this payment schedule. You CANNOT make a trip payment unless you are up to date on your fair share and uniform payments.**

Itinerary Overview

This trip package includes flights (excluding luggage fees), hotel, all meals (excluding meals at airports), and all of the below-listed activities. Please be aware that these activities are subject to change, and we will not have a finalized itinerary until much closer to the trip. Additionally, flight and hotel details will be sent out as soon as we receive them from the travel agency.

Below are the planned activities for the Silver Dancer New York trip.

  • NYC Tour
  • Radio City Music Hall Tour
  • Radio City Rockettes Show
  • Broadway Show
  • Offstage Crew Master Class
  • Broadway Dance Center Master Class
  • Holiday Lights Show
  • Statue of Liberty
  • 9/11 Museum
  • Empire State Building
  • Times Square Shopping

Some of the restaurants we will visit include:

  • John's Pizzeria
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Hudson's Eats
  • Ellen's Stardust Dinner
  • Pugila Ristorante in Little Italy
  • Dinner Cruise

Other Important Info

  • All travelers must have a valid Texas ID through the trip.
  • Silver Dancers will be missing 3 days of school. They will be expected to communicate this planned absence at the beginning of the school year. **Please be aware that we will most likely be absent during EOC retesting. Please notify the directors before the end of this school year if this pertains to you.**
  • Please plan to send some money with your SD for shopping and other extras!
  • A packing list including suggested WARM clothing items will be sent out before the end of the school year.

Be on the lookout for more updates coming soon. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to take Silver Dancers on such a special trip! Please let us know if you have any questions!