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Click on video link below to here Dr. Brannon describe his topic!

TECH TIP . . .

Helping Teachers with Technology One "Ram" Click at a Time.

Acceptance of multiple video formats in eClass . . .

  • MP4 works best, MOV work nicely, but has to download first then play.
  • WMV works too, but is not preferred file type as it requires a plug in that may not be available on student machines.
  • Play in “in-line” player in D2L.
  • No need to save separately and create link, you can now drag and drop.
  • Embedding is easier.

CONTACT YOUR LSTC if you need assistance with adding a video to your module.

eClass Summer Training . . .

ANNOUNCING SUMMER TRAINING at multiple sites and dates for eClass 101 and eClass 102 sessions. Click on button below to view course list. Registration starts April 1.

eClass Summer Training Click here!

Register in PD&E tool staring April 1.


It's All About the Apps . . .

Although today’s mobile devices are shipped with powerful apps, the Tech Team researched a collection of apps for the iPad’s operating system. The selected apps were based on their category (educational), cost (free), rating (4 out 5 stars) and operating system (iOS). In addition, please make sure your mobile device is running the latest operating system for your APPs to load and operate smoothly.

Please click on link below to access the list for our Mobile Apps.

Push Notifications Coming Soon . . .

Push notifications coming soon through our BCMS Mobile APP for teachers! Download our APP today for the latest BCMS news and updates. Please share with your students. Click on link below to download the APP onto your mobile device. Directions will be sent via Lotus Notes on how to send out push notifications to parents and students.

Stay tune . . .

Technology Question of the Day

Do you have a form that you want to distribute to parents or students, and not sure how?

Contact your LSTC today to assist you with creating your form!