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Week of December 7


The time has come to being our Titan Holiday celebrations! The details for this week are below in the newsletter - keep scrolling down! While it's important to celebrate and enjoy this time as a Titan family, please be aware of the instruction time in your classroom. Our days are numbered - literally - in public schools and we must make the most of every one of them for our students.

When we return in January, we'll have a campus staff development day. We'll take a deep (REALLY deep!) close look at our campus Instructional Focus and our current progress. As always, we'll welcome you back from the break with a hearty celebration breakfast before officially starting our day. More details will be coming before we leave on the 18th.

Have a great weekend Titans,


This Week at Tidwell

Monday, December 7

Math/Sci PLCs 8:00am

Tuesday, December 8

Holiday Breakfast 8:00a (library)

Private Voice Lesson Recital 6:00p (café)

Wednesday, December 9

ELA/SS PLCs 8:00a

Band Winter Concert 6:30p (BNHS)

Thursday, December 10

Wind Ensemble at Elementary Schools

Barker @ Eaton HS (am)/Byron HS (pm)

Friday, December 11

Faculty Mtg 8:00am (library)

AVID Field Trip to UTA

7th Boys B/C Team BBall Tournament (home)

8th Boys B/C Team BBall Tournament (WilsonMS)

7th Girls A Team BBall Tournament (Cross Timbers MS)

Kudos for Perfect Attendance!

Kudos for these individuals who have had Perfect Attendance since the beginning of school through the 2nd Grading Period. Goodies will be ready on Monday!




Johnson, B









Important Information

  • TechnoExpo is almost here! Get the latest information from our techies, Horn and Barrey. VIDEO BELOW!!
  • Just a reminder, please remain in professional dress when attending trainings and PLCs at Central Administration. Thanks for always lookin' good Titans!
  • I heard a rumor the Hump Day Cart is coming back for a special treat soon!
  • Thank you for your Exemplar Educator Nominations! Voting for Staff Members will occur at the Dec 11 Staff Meeting.
  • Be sure to keep submitting your #titansread books using the Google link. http://tinyurl.com/p9ofnzj So far, Titan staff have read 310 books! Thank you for modeling life-long reading to our students!
Expo Promo Video TMS Teachers

Sweatin' In the PLCs

This week you'll meet in combined PLCs for a SBBB Boardwalk. Ya'll will walk the boards for your group and have discussion surrounding the following guiding questions:

December 7 - How do we move from silos of excellence to a culture of shared excellence?

Task: Walk to as many SBBBs (of your PLC group) as you can during this time. Provide warm/cool feedback to the teacher focusing on the rubric utilized for this task.

How did your students know what the standard for excellence was for this task? Did the rubric align to the TEK/Standard? Are standards clearly defined? What evidence do you have that the rubric is not a checklist of items needed to complete the task?


December7 RED OUT Day!! Wear red and jeans or wear red jeans!!

December 8 Rudolph Day! Wear antlers, red noses, furry vests or jackets with jeans! Breakfast Provided by Waffle House starting at 8:00 in the library.

December 9 GOLD & SILVER Day!! Wear gold and silver with jeans!

December 10 GREEN OUT Day!! Wear green and jeans!

December 11 Santa Hats!! Wear Tidwell spirit shirts and Santa hats!!

December 14 Crazy/Ugly Christmas Sweaters Day!! Wear Crazy Christmas sweaters and jeans! Contest for the craziest sweater with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes!! J

December 15 SNOW DAY/Winter Wonderland!! Wear blue and white with jeans and scarves!

December 16 Kick Up Your Feet Day! Wear your comfy slippers and house shoes with jeans! We will have lunch provided as our gift to you!!! (Fajitas!!)

December 17 Crazy Christmas Socks Day! Wear crazy Christmas socks and jeans!

December 18 Holiday Wear!! Wear your Christmas spirit!