The Respiratory System

By: Cooper Collins

The respiratory system is in your body so, you can breathe and put oxygen in our blood stystem. Some of the organs in the respiratory system are the nose, larynx, pharynx, and lungs. Each of them have a special functions.

The nose

The nose breathe in air for the body. It also smells and even helps taste.

Other organs in the stystem.

Diseses of the respiratory system

Diseases of the respirtory system

Lung Cancer-smoking is a big way to get lung cancer. One of the most popular treatments for lung cancer is OPDIVE.
COPD- smoking is one way to cause COPD. COPD makes it hard for people to breathe. Treatments are COPD meds.
Asthma- Triggers such as mold, cockroaches, and dust mites cause asthma. Inhealers are the most popular tretment for it.