Come Visit the Netherlands!


Were is the Netherlands located?

The Netherlands is located in Northwestern Europe. It is also a small country. The wether is mostly tropaical. So you might want to bring warm stuff.

Netherlands flag

In the Netherlands the flag is red, white and blue strips. It became known as the prinsenvleg ("prince's flag") and was based on the honer of William I of orange.

Netherlands Animal

The Netherlands animal is the red deer. It is the lagest animal in the Netherlands.Noblemen are known to hunt them also.They eat worms,mice, fruit and nuts.

What to Bring

In the Netherlands , in the summer you might want to bring t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and maybe jeans. In the winter you would have to ware a winter coat, winter boots and snow pants.

Netherlands medals

The Netherlands have won so much medals. For the gold, it is 106, for the silver medals, it is 116. Bronze is 130. In all they have won 352, witch puts them in the top ten.

Netherlands language

Netherland people speak dutch. Dutch is most spoken by 15 Million people. The area is 16,158. The population is 16,857,000.

Netherlands major citys

The major city's in the Netherlands are Rotterdam, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

10 best places to visit in netherlands

10 Best Places to Visit in Netherlands