By Teddi Peoples

Asta's Son

Asta's Son Is he dead or alive. Some people say he is in the woods or in the church but what some people say is true but is not is that Asta's son has stole from a house. If you find Asta's son you will get the reward of 20 Shillings. Please come to the church if you find Asta's son.

Middle ages

Asta's son steling from a house

Asta's son has stolen from a house he has ran into the woods and if you find him kill him. He might be dangors so becarful of were you go and what you do. If you find him make sure he does not see you and kill him or bring him to the church. Asta's son has been named The Wolvs Head.
A Day In The Life... Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times - Hands on History - BBC