Tactic AIR Drone Review - Facts

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In recent years, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), popularly known as drones has extended to aerial photograph, filmmaking, and surveillance, monitoring, research, and inspection, product delivery, rescue, industrial, commercial, recreational and many other applications. One of the most popular choices in the civilian drone industry is the foldable 4K Ultra High-Definition dual camera Tactic AIR drone, thanks to its ease of operation, high performance, cutting-edge tech features and cost-effectiveness. Read on to find out if Tactic AIR Drone really works and how you can make the most out of its multiple advanced features.

What Is Tactic AIR Drone?

Tactic AIR drone is a revolutionary, versatile and affordable UAV specifically created to provide both newbies and experienced drone pilots with the best drone experience. Boasting the latest technology, sleek design, long-lasting battery that keeps the drone in the air for up to an impressive 20 minute and an array of, intelligent features, this lightweight and foldable quadcopter enables you to take aerial photography and videography to the next level.

Whether you choose to manoeuvre the drone on your smartphone using WiFi connectivity or pilot it using the controller, you will be able to control with simple gestures prompting various actions, thanks to its smart Gesture Control feature. Its sturdy structure and portability offers extra convenience at your fingertips.

Why Do I Need Tactic AIR Drone?

Tactic AIR Drone makes for an excellent choice for any budget-minded aerial photography and filmmaking enthusiasts. With integrated dual wide-angle camera ( 1080p HD and 720p, respectively, or 4K Ultra HD) and intelligent gesture controller, this remote control quadcopter instantly recognizes your hand gestures and starts shooting incredibly detailed, color-rich photos and videos on command. If you ever wanted to own a versatile, high-performance military-inspired drone that is extremely easy and fun to pilot, incorporates the most advanced technology and is loaded with smart features at a price that you have to see to believe, then Tactic AIR Drone is the one for you.

Most drones currently available on the market that are too expensive, allow for only 4-12 minutes of flight time, are too bulky to carry around and maneuver, and don't have nearly as many intelligent features as this innovative remote control drone. Thanks to its Follow Me mode and gesture controller, the lightweight, portable and foldable Tactic AIR Drone is your much-anticipated private photographer and videographer, adding a new, stellar dimension to your craft anytime and anywhere.

Tactic AIR Drone Main Features and Specifications

Dual 4K Ultra HD Wide-Angle Camera

Harness the power of more than 9 million pixels to capture more exceptionally detailed, color-rich photos and 4K videos with this dual Ultra HD wide-angle camera UAV. Use picture-in-picture or split screen mode to monitor your flight path and perfect your craft thanks to optical flow positioning.

Intelligent Gesture Control and Follow Me Mode

Tactic Air Drone features a smart gesture controller that instantly recognizes your specific hand gestures, as well as the Follow me mode, which enables the drone to self-pilot, keeping you in view, so whenever a great opportunity arises, all you have do is make a hand gesture, Stunning photos and videos at your fingertips.

Long-Lasting Battery ( 20 minutes+ Flight Time) and Built-in Anti-Collision System

Tactic Air Drone 's 3.7V 300mAh Lithium ion battery allows for 20 minutes+ flight time, while the integrated anti-collision system helps the drone avoid obstacles, for a smooth, winning drone experience along with longer photo sessions and much more fun in the air.

Tactic AIR Drone Rating and Recommendation

With the help of our editors, we tested the performance, battery life, operation function and collision potential of Tactic AIR Drone as well as the image and video quality. Editors in Group A took the hands-on approach, taking off, landing, and stopping to prevent collision at the touch of a different button. Editors in Group B connected their smartphones to WiFi to watch the flight in real time and various modes ( e.g. fullscreen; picture-in-picture, split-screen).

Both groups harnessed the power of the drone's dual cameras, as well as its intelligent gesture control and Follow Me to capture both photos and videos at different altitudes. The impressively long, 20+ minutes flight time that the powerful battery of this top-rated, ultra high definition quadcopter enables doesn't even compare to most drone currently available on the market. The built-in anti-collision system, incredible performance even at high altitude thanks to its integrated density pressure sensor, easy maneuverability in tight spaces, and the exceptional image & video quality are just some of the reasons why we highly recommend Tactic AIR Drone to newbies and professionals alike.

Tactic AIR Drone Reviews

The vast majority of the rave reviews we've found online reflect customers' satisfaction with this top-performance, easy to operate yet incredibly low-cost drone. The cutting-edge technology this remote control drone incorporates, such as the dual cameras with wide-angle lens, amazing battery life, which allows for up to 20 minutes continuous flying time, Follow Me mode and unbeatable price ( 50% discount!) have been especially praised by customers, both newbies and experienced drone pilots.

Where Can I Order Tactic AIR Drone?

Customers can securely and easily order the revolutionary Tactic AIR Drone from the manufacturer's official website. This exclusivity ensures that customers will get the authentic Tactic AIR drone at the best price possible. In fact, for a limited time only, those interested in owning this superb drone can benefit from a whopping 50% discount upon placing an order on the official site. All you have to do is click the "Buy 50% Off" button and the discount will be automatically applied to your order. Customers will also get free shipping worldwide, fast delivery, and 1-year warranty.

Supplier of the Product

Their customer service team is always at your service and you can contact them via email at support@hyperstech.com for general inquiries or at sales@tacticairdrone.com for order-related questions.