The Battle of Harper's Ferry

By: Anna Coffman and Austin Smith

When did this battle take place?

The Battle of Harper's Ferry took place in 1862. This battle lasted for three days. The days the battle took place are September 12-15.

Map of the battle of Harper's Ferry

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Important Officer in the Battle of Harper's

· Thomas Johnathan Jackson

Rank – major general

Side – confederate

Date of birth – January 21, 1824

Date of death- May 10, 1863

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About the Battle

The battle of Harper's Ferry took place in Virginia; Lee hoped to open a supply line to Virginia. Lee also split 3 divisions of his army that was led by General Thomas j “Stonewell” Jackson to Harper's Ferry. Dixson s. miles prepared to defend Harper's Ferry, the town three heights, bolivar, Maryland and the 12, 00 foot Loudoun heights all locations had men posted but Loudoun heights. Thomas j. “stonewall” Jackson left hill to accept the surrender of Harper's Ferry which paroled 12,000 prisoners, captured 73 prices of artillery, 13,000 arms, large quantities of weapons and supplies.


In the battle of Harper's Ferry the union casualties ranked in the numbers of 12,719 and the confederates ranked in the numbers of about 286. The total numbers of casualties for both sides added up to 13,005 men that died in the battle of Harper's Ferry judging by the numbers of casualties you might be able to tell that the union lost this battle and the confederate claimed victory.