This Week in 1st

Mrs. Ryberg's Class ---- Friday, August 28th

Reader's Workshop

This week we have been practicing parts of the Daily 5 model for our Reader's Workshop time. We have worked on reading in special spots around the room called "nooks." In those nooks we also practiced building up our stamina in reading.

Additionally, we practiced partner reading using the EEKK model - Elbow to Elbow and Knee to Knee. We are off to a great start!!


We started working on number bonds and adding one more. Please take a look at the papers coming home in backpacks. Number bonds are, basically, two addends in two small boxes, and the sum of those numbers in the 3rd, larger box. We are still working with basic addition and subtraction facts to ten. ANY work at home with these skills will assist with fluency and make other math challenges easier.



We did not engineer anything, but we worked to integrate different subjects centered around one thing...POPCORN!