The Voice of Jackson Memorial Middle School

Principal's Message

By Mr. Carter

As we move toward summer and look back on the 2020-2021 school year, I keep reflecting on our motto for the year: "Rise to the challenge." In the past year, we have worked through so many different challenges. Students have done so with smiles on their faces, albeit behind masks! In spite of everything standing in our way, JMMS has risen to the challenge and had a tremendous year.

  • Our students and staff wore masks in-class all...year...long!
  • We spread out to eat breakfast and lunch throughout the year.
  • We live-streamed a musical production...while wearing masks!
  • We had successful athletic seasons in every season!
  • Aside from a brief district-wide shutdown in December, classes were in session for those students who were able to attend in-person.
  • Teachers provided lessons for students in-person and students elearning.
  • We had three student-athletes advance to the State Track and Field Invitational Meet.
  • We had students participate in (and excel in) the first ever Virtual Mock Trial State Competition.
  • Our Band program found a way to move forward with bell covers and other innovations.
  • Power of the Pen went virtual this year, and our students represented JMMS remarkably well.
  • We had after school testing sessions for the first time ever.
  • We made Google Meets, sharing documents, Weeks at a Glance, and online assessments a normal daily occurrence.

Through all of this, our students and staff at JMMS continued to move forward in a positive way. It would have been much easier to throw up your hands and say that you can't do it. It would have been much simpler to say "better luck next year." Instead of throwing in the towel on this challenge, JMMS rose to meet it.

I'm proud of all of you and how much you've accomplished this year. I do hope we all have better luck next year...after we have a happy, healthy summer! To our 8th graders moving on to JHS, I wish you all the best in your next adventure! To our JMMS students returning to us next year, we can't wait to get started!


ELearner Survey Part II

By Carter and Amelia Bach

Ever since April of 2020, students and staff at JMMS have been exploring a new area of learning: e-learning. At first, everyone assumed that it would be a temporary experience- around three weeks or so, but as time has passed it has become clear that was not the case. However, as summer approaches, the coronavirus pandemic will hopefully dwindle down. Cities are opening back up, and vaccines are available for everyone 12 and older, and mask mandates are being lifted. So, what could all of this mean for the future of e-learning?

In a survey that was sent out to parents a few weeks ago, it seems that the Jackson Local Schools district is possibly considering doing a “Digital Academy” option, where e-learners will e-learn for the full marking period and the rest will go in person for the full marking period, meaning that students cannot just come and go every other day anymore, but nothing is set in stone regarding next year yet. Also, students could possibly see the mask requirement waived. While the school has not said anything on this matter yet, Ohio Governer Mike DeWine will lift all government mask mandates on June 2nd, so there is a possibly students will not have to wear them next year.

Furthermore, in a survey that was taken, most students indicted that they at least had a somewhat favorable experience with e-learning this year, with a solid majority of students giving it a 5 or above. However, in the section where students could add their thoughts on e-learning, opinions were varied. One student’s response summed up the varying opinions on the issue by saying : “Sometimes it's stressful and sometimes it's enjoyable!” . Also in this survey, many students (60.9%) said that they would do 100% in person learning next year. Only 5.3% said that they want to do all e-learning next year, and the rest said that they would want a hybrid option.

It seems only one thing is for certain: the e-learning experience is a very unique, new, and different one that will go down in history.

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Teacher Feature: Mr. Waltman

By Kimaya Kenjale

We all know who Mr. Waltman is, but do you know exactly what he does?

Mr. Waltman is one of the principals here at JMMS. The principals split the work that one principal would do. Mr. Waltman takes the AIR testing etc. part of it.

Question: What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Answer: My day to day responsibilities vary. Some of the things I do on a daily basis are;

A. Observing /evaluating teachers

B. Student discipline,

C. Finding lost chrome books.

D. Attending meetings concerning students,

E. Meeting with students to help solve problems,

F. Working out schedules for special events,

G. Coordinating AIR testing and the list goes on.

Question: I heard that all of the principals take charge of only a few aspects of the school, like testing etc. what part do you do?

Answer: A few of my larger responsibilities are:

A. Overseeing the math, social studies, and music departments

B. helping with safety and security,

C. coordinating State AIR tests.

Question: Why did you decide to work in the school system

Answer: I decided to work in the school system by chance. I took a summer job in Jackson's district warehouse. From there, I took a job as an educational assistant at the High school. I discovered I liked working with kids and coaching them as well. I went back to school while working at Jackson and got my teaching degree. From there, I taught and coached for 8 years and then became an administrator for the last 15 years.

Question: Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself? (where are you originally from? Tell us about your family and your life? What are your hobbies?)

Answer: I am originally from Madison Ohio (near Lake Erie- northeast corner of the state), lived there 12 years and then came to Canton, lived there for 3 years, and moved to Alliance(Marlington) for High school. I went to College at John Carroll University in Cleveland , Ohio. I began my career in radio and TV and then eventually went into teaching and administration.

I have a wife, who is principal at Strausser Elementary and a 16 year old Son who attends Jackson and plays football and lacrosse. We also have a 1 year old Husky puppy named Yeti. (who is crazy) My hobbies are : sports, listening to music, being with family and being outside.

Question: Could you please share your experience regarding the changes that took place during the pandemic? What, if any, was the most challenging experience while applying these changes?

Answer: I think the most challenging part of the pandemic was not having the students at school in person. I entered education to help students achieve success and having to meet with them remotely or not at all was a big disappointment. Also seeing teachers adapting to different styles of teaching was a challenge that I felt was difficult for our staff, but they were successful anyway!

Question: What message do you have for your students who are currently dealing with eLearning?

Answer: Communication! Communicate with your teachers and staff. Let them know if you are struggling. Or let them know if you don't understand. Everyone is here to help, but we can't help unless you tell us! Also, Get yourself into a routine. The better study habits and daily routine you have going into high school, the easier it will be.

Question: Apart from dealing with the Pandemic, what other life lessons do you have for your students?

Answer: Four pieces of advice:

1. Be honest- with people and with yourself. Tell the truth and the outcome will always be better.

2. Work hard- the more effort you put in, the more benefits you will get out. No one was ever let go because they worked too hard!

3. Be the person you would want in your life- as a friend,partner, husband, wife, etc. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

4. Communicate with others. No one can read minds, so let people know: how you are feeling, what you need, what you want, your hopes, your dreams etc.

That is a bit more into what Mr Waltman does, and his role at school.


JMMS Boys Basketball Teams 2020/2021 Season

By Brooke Thiel

This basketball season for the 7th grade gold and the 8th grade gold teams was one that people will never forget. The 8th grade coach was Coach Harvey and the 7th grade coach was Coach Weekley. The 7th grade gold’s fiercest rivals were Hoover and Glenoak. Their stats were 13-5. 8th grade’s rivals were Hoover and Glenoak also. Their stats were 13-6.

7th grade stats were 13-5. Kaiden Loy, a player on the gold team said, “ I try to make 250-300 shots a day to work on my shooting and I have a specific drill that I do for ball handling everyday.” The biggest challenge was wearing masks and social distancing with the team. 7th grade purple team player Clayton Macaluso liked playing at the away games and riding the bus with his teammates. Covid limited the amount of fans in the stands but the games still went on smoothly. Overall, this season went quite well for all players.

Their stats were 13-6. Coach Harvey said, “However, despite the few adjustments, it was still another basketball season with kids learning the game, competing to win, and coming together as a team.” Their challenges were wearing masks, coaching with a mask, and the chairs more spread out when players were not playing.

8th grader Kyle Monterrubio said, “The season went better than expected for sure.” Kyle trains for games by listening to music and shooting before games. He said that the biggest challenges were wearing masks on the sidelines and having to quarantine if they have a player on the team with COVID.

Despite the adjustments, both teams did very well. Basketball really helped promote school spirit during all these tough times. Congrats to all of the teams!


Is Social Media Really Meant for What We Think?

By Kendra Gerstenslager

In our day and age, many people use social media. Whether it’s posting pictures, videos, memes, tiktoks, trends, etc. Our generation is obsessed with it. We follow people we want to keep up with such as family, actresses/actors, celebrities, influencers, and more. But what does a follow actually mean? In the social media world, to us, a follow means that we get to see what people post on our recent feed and vise versa. But, to social stars and celebrities, this follow means that they have millions of people that can see everything they post. And while this may seem obvious, it’s not always obvious what having these followers allows these people to do.

For example, Kylie Jenner once said in an interview that she doesn’t even have to pay for advertising because of social media. She has millions of followers that will see what she posts in a few minutes. With this being said, she can use social media for free advertising for her business and tv show. This isn’t exactly a good thing. It makes it so that all of her fans are influenced by her and lets be real here, Kylie Jenner has some die hard fans. These fans will do anything to be like her even if it may not seem right, they want to fit in with her because society has deemed her as perfect.

Next, celebrities aren’t always known as being geniuses. A lot of them got to where they are because of talent, not because they have an extensive amount of education. However, they are smart when it comes to social media. They are able to become closer to their fans by just posting and having people comment on their posts. Phillip Cohen states that, “One of the biggest ways celebrities use social media to build their brand is by getting closer to their fans. Using Twitter or Instagram gives a star the chance to talk to his or her fans in a relatively safe environment.” He goes on to say that by doing this, it makes the fans want to be like this person who is well-known. Then soon enough they buy their merch and interact more with the celebrities' content.

Going off of this, celebrities also get ahead when fans post things on their personal social media platforms that relate to them. For example, if someone uses a hashtag or simply just posts a picture of themselves wearing something that a celebrity released puts their name out there even more. A lot of people also repost pictures that celebrities have posted. This allows someone to click on the post which takes them to the stars page. This allows celebrities to get more views on videos, advertisements, posts, etc. Which in the end, helps them.

As strange as it sounds, negative people also help celebrities build their brand immensely. When someone talks about their hate for a celebrity or their business, they are still talking about them. If they post about it, they are still posting about them. And when they throw shade on someone, they are still using their name. So even when there are people who hate someone, if they use their name, they are helping that person to become even more known.

All of this helps celebrities drastically but what did they do before social media? To start, before social media and social networking, people weren’t as informed about celebrities. They didn’t have an inside view on their lives. And all people really knew was what they saw on tv or in newspapers. Fans also didn’t have as much connection with these celebrities. In order to promote themselves, they had to be involved with a big magazine or newspaper company or they had to get on tv somehow. There weren’t as many celebrities back then as there are now either because there weren’t social media influencers. The celebrities people knew were singers, actors/actresses, and reality tv stars. That was it. And as far as their lives go, they had more privacy due to the fact that people weren’t as connected and interested in them as they are now. People weren’t staying up all day and night waiting to see what Kim Kardashian posts on her Instagram, because there wasn’t such a thing as Instagram. Instead, they heard what they did through other sources and eventually forgot about it or let it go.

In conclusion, social media’s main purpose is to be used as a platform to post things. Celebrities take advantage of this and use it to benefit themselves. Social media has changed our lives and because of it celebrities will gain more and more control of what people see on social media along with what others post, changing our digital society forever.


A Review of The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling

By Julia Holmes

This book The Ickabog emphasizes friendship and loyalty. This book is about how two kids are friends and how later on they don’t see eye to eye during a death. They eventually start fighting with each other about this topic and start getting frustrated until it ends up starting a bigger fight making them go their separate ways. While on their separate ways Daisy, one of the kids, learns that she needs her friend Bert and is sad and hopeless without him. Bert also realizes this while befriending someone named Roderick who doesn’t quite share the same interests as him. However, while these friends are fighting turnover is happening inside the kingdom. King Fred the Fearless doesn’t know, but his own loyal friends are plotting against him and want to take over the kingdom without him knowing. These two friends are known as Lord Spittleworth and Lord Flapoon. In spite of the dramatic plot, there are some parts that aren’t so clear or vivid and not so connected as well in The Ickabog.

Some not so vivid things J.K.Rowling put into the book happened around Chapter 45 because here we don’t really know much about how one of the main characters made it all the way through towns and streets without being spotted and we also don’t really get the full impact of the character’s emotions. Another not so good thing J.K.Rowling didn’t include like her other books is we don’t get to hear much about the main character's thoughts and words in this story. Bert and Daisy don’t really get to express their emotions and get to tell us what events have happened. Whereas in the kingdom we hear Lord Spittleworths and Lord Flapoons emotions more than the two friends and we also hear more words from them based on where these two lords stand in the book. However, besides some things J.K.Rowling didn’t do so well there are some interesting facts about the book.

Some fascinating facts about this book is that The Ickabog is known to be a fairy tale book. Besides this the book was also published on November 10, 2020 and is a 93% liked book! Another fact is that on most ebooks apps the book seems to be priced as eighteen dollars because of how it’s still a new book and because of it’s influential messages it gives out throughout it. Also this book averaged 4.5 stars out of 282 ratings. If I had to rate this book I’d give it 4.5 stars as well because of how influential it is and also because of how well detailed and fun it is too.

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A Review of Tom & Jerry

By Kendra Gerstenslager

Release Date: February 26, 2021

Genre: Family/Comedy

Length: 1h 41m

Rating: PG

The legendary story of Tom and Jerry continues through the movie released this year, Tom and Jerry the Movie. This iconic duo is caught in trouble when they find themselves both without a home. The competition escalates when they break into a hotel, being rivals, they fight over who gets to stay. Tom makes friends with one of the hotel workers and agrees to hunt down Jerry. Jerry causes a great deal of damage and if Tom doesn’t catch him, he won’t be able to live in the hotel and the hotel worker will get fired. Tom becomes closer and closer with the hotel worker so much that they can talk to each other without actually talking. Meanwhile, Jerry is still ruining Tom’s chances of getting to stay at the hotel. The movie continues and Tom got kicked out of the hotel a couple of times but found his way back each and every time. To find out how it ends, watch Tom and Jerry the Movie.

In a survey, 75% of participants said that they liked the movie and would watch it again. The same percentage of participants said that they would recommend the movie to someone else. All of the participants agreed that the movie had an appropriate rating and would be interesting for anyone ages 4 and up. People of all ages liked the movie and many would watch a sequel if one was created.

In conclusion, Tom and Jerry the Movie is an excellent and action filled movie. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh, this movie is for you.


Move around happy Earth

For as soon as one can remember your tilt

If only one would know

Then everyone would come and go

Oh Earth

Oh Earth

You’re a happy place

A place where one can get a ace

Let your sunset bloom

And your midnight fade

But all shall be forgotten at the end of your rane

Oh Earth

Below your people walk

People wander

People wonder

People Talk

Earth you may be mighty

But some can be shady

Others can be sneaky

Oh Earth

Let those who weep feel strong

And let the known be a song

How Earth do you wield these creatures

These creatures talk much

But you must be too busy to brunch

Please Earth let no harm come

Let only peace and calm wake

Tides of War

By Ben Sayner

Chapter 1: Citizens at war

Footsteps crashing through the woods, stomping over anything that comes in their path. Banners with an insignia that burns fear into the hearts of many, flying high in the air above them, as they crash through the brush of a forest, being met with a small village unknowingly about to be decimated they continue to march on.

“Mom! Mom! They're coming, they're coming!”

“Who is, honey?”

“The Zhao!” said Lei Ming.

“Quickly! Into the forest, go hide!” replied Ju Ming.

“What about you?” tearing lei Ming said.

Ju Ming replied, “I’ll be ok, just go”.

“I’ll come back for you, Mom!” cried Lei Ming

Running off into the woods as the sounds of flames incinerating the village and the sounds of people screaming echo through the dense forest. Lei Ming woke up with a jump as she heard rustling around in the bushes surrounding her.

“Who’s there?” asked lei Ming. “Hello?”

“Hello,” said a mysteriously low voice.

“Who are you?” she asked, “Who are you?!”

As she screamed the statement, all the grass and trees around her started to wither away and lose their life. Water suddenly wrapped around her and started striking the trees trying to find who, or what was walking around her. As the water calmed down and fell to the ground, Lei Mings’ eyes were blurred and she saw a figure standing over her. Clearing her eyes, Lei Ming saw that it wasn’t a monster but it was an old man. The old man was holding out his hand to her.

“Who are you?” asked Lei Ming

“Who are you?” asked the man.

“I am Lei Ming” replied Lei Ming.

“I am Master Lao Shuan” said Master Lao shuan “You’re very powerful.”

“What’s happening to me?” asked Lei Ming.

“I am a master and I own a Dojo on top of that mountain. Would you like to come with me? I can train you,” said Master Lao shuan as he pulled her up off the sopping wet grounds.

Shivering, Lei Ming walked to The Masters’ horse with him.

“Are you cold?” asked Master Lao shuan.

“A little,” replied Lei Ming.

“Here, I can help,” said Master Lao Shuan as he stretched out his hand towards Lei Ming's wet clothes. Lei Ming saw the water being sucked out of her clothes and, suddenly, she felt dry!

Shocked at what Master Lao shuan had just done, Lei Ming said, “You can do that too?!”

“Yes, and I can train you to do it with more power, too. Now, let’s get going.” said Master Lao Shuan as they both hopped on the horse.

They galloped across the field that had once been scorched by the ravaging fire which consumed the forest surrounding it and the village that had once inhabited the hill. It was all gone, the people, the houses, everything, nothing stood but a flag waving in the scorched field.

Galloping closer and closer to the Dojo talking about past experiences. Coming into an opening in the forest, and seeing the beautiful mountains ahead of them and the hills and valleys not touched by the ravinging force of war.

“It’s beautiful,” said Lei Ming, “I can’t believe that places as nice as this still exists.”

“I know. The longer the war lasts, the fewer places like this exist,” said Master Lao shuan.

“It’s sad...”said Lei Ming.

“Now, we must go. It’s getting dark,” Master Lao Shuan replied.

The sounds of thunder in the distance made them hurry up the stairs. Immediately entering the Dojo rain poured down on the ground behind them.

Chapter 2:Training


Falling on the ground after another failed training attempt, dripping in water while Master Lao Shuan stood over her, remarking over the mistakes she made when battling him.

“Too sloppy. You attacked when you should have defended yourself, that’s why you lost.”Remarked Master Lao Shuan.

“I know, I know, I need to learn patience before I have complete control over my powers” said Lei Ming as though she had heard it hundreds of times.

“Next time, defend yourself and THEN attack.” said Master Lao Shuan critiquing her.

Standing up and bowing to Master Lao Shuan, Lei Ming heard him say, “Keep training, I’ll tell you when to stop”. Hitting the training dummies again and again, every time the same and making shields out of ice when arrows shot out from the walls at her. After hours upon hours of practice, Master Lao Shuan finally emerged from the hallway behind her and said,

“So, feeling better about tomorrow’s training yet?”

“Yeah a little, I’m getting better at my defence skills.”

“Good, now you can come in and eat,” said Master Lao Shuan.

“Thanks” Lei Ming replied sarcastically as she walked into the room.

Chapter 3: Paths of the past

“I’ll be ok, just go!” said Ju Ming as she turned around to face the Zhao prepared to fight one last time not for the village, not for the world, but for her daughter. With two swift hand movements all the water from the surrounding ponds flew around in the air striking Zhao’s soldiers left and right. Suddenly a soldier to her right jumped out from behind the bushes and shot fire out of his hands which nearly missed her and burned one of her hairs which was dangling off to the side. He was a skilled fighter, a master of fire. She was a master of water. Suddenly, she was surrounded by the soldiers who started firing fire at her from all sides. Ju Ming couldn’t stand her ground, it was too much, she could barely defend herself, the more fire they shot the less water she had. Then, after many minutes fighting, “aah!” she was hit in the shoulder,then the leg, falling to the ground, it was too much, she couldn’t get back up. It was over, defeated by an army, the power of fire was too much, they had won, fire had one.

“Gah!” Waking up to a bell in the distance in a deep sweat, She was trapped in a cell, the air was dry and she was chained up by metal by the wrists and ankles. As she looked around she could see that there was no way out, no hope, no escape. There were other prisoners dangling in distant cells, the other prisoners were all different, but it looked like they all had lost hope all in escape, the room the prisoners were in was dark, there were no lights except for a small torch in the end of the hallway to her right. The hallway seemed to be the only way out of the prison, she had to take it and she had to do it soon.

“Feeding time, prisoner slime!” said a guard as he tightened the bindings of every prisoner and fed them with a cup attached to a stick making sure they had no way to fight back or get out. Then the guard walked over to Ju Ming’s cell and said “You’ll never get out of here, we’ve never had someone break out, and never will” said the guard.

“I’ll be the first” replied Ju Ming as she grabbed the cup with her mouth and pulled it slamming the guard into the cell.

“That’s what they all say, we’ll break you before you can even think about breaking out of here.” said the guard, rubbing his head as he slowly walked away grumbling under his breath.

The Door

By Abby LaPole

I snuck silently down the dark corridor, as the Church bell chimed Bong, Bong… She probably won’t even notice I’m gone, but if she does… Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I swung around and my candle went out at the speed of my spin. What was that? Then coming out of the dark hallway...

Ever since my mother told me my father left the castle and remarried I have been craving adventure. My mother didn't care about what I was doing so it was almost like I was the only one in the castle, especially at night. I thought back to the moment she first saw the door all those weeks ago. I thought about how the door wasn’t like any of the other doors in the castle. No. This door was special and it had many secrets. All of its mysteries became a burden to my mind. I was craving adventure and the door was my call to it. The door was made of redwood painted to look like the bricks of the castle walls. The door was still noticeable because of the lock keeping me away from my curiosity’s path. The door was in the East Tower at the very bottom of the long spiral staircase. The first time I went down the staircase, I could see that no one had been down in a very long time. Each day I would sneak to the door leaving my footprint in the dust on each step. Once I made it down the dusty spiral stairs I would sit against the wall across the hall and stare at the door. This is silly. I am waiting for a “door” to open itself. The door haunted my mind and made me even more attracted to its secrets. One day I decided that I would start looking for the key to open the lock.

I carefully went down the staircase and then searched for any clues that would lead me to the key that opens the door. My father showed me detective shows so I had always loved mysteries and envied all of the detectives searching the walls and analyzing fingerprints. Now is my chance to be a detective! I moved quickly as I felt the crevices of the brick walls to see if there was an opening that might lead me to a clue. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I had found a loose brick that behind it had a paper that read “The answer you're looking for is right under your nose.”What on Earth does that mean? Then I thought about it and I wondered if the key was literally under my nose. I looked down and saw the locket my father had given me before he left . I opened it and it was just a photo of my father and I. I thought back to the detective shows and how they analyzed deeper. I lifted the picture and found a code of some sort. The code read “East- brick 79 from stair = key”As I read I translated as best I could. East...the 79th brick from the bottom of the staircase… has the key? This can’t be right. I can’t believe that I have never looked more at the picture. I need to find the key.

I never knew much about my father so I guess that is why I wanted to be adventurous when he left, I didn’t have anyone that would keep me busy. When my father left, I was bored and so I started exploring. The day that I found the door I was, in a way, drawn to it. My mother never told me the whole story of why my father left. So with that I don’t even know if he really left. I felt that the door would somehow answer all my questions . Tonight I will find the key and open the door, I can’t stand it anymore. Tomorrow I am going to find the key and finally unlock all of the secrets I have wanted.

I went to the 79th brick from the end of the spiral staircase and removed the brick but I found more than just a key. I found a note from my father, it said “I know you too well, daughter. I knew you would get adventurous without me. That is why I gave you the locket and showed you all of the detective shows. I knew that after a little while you would explore and find the door. I warn you, the door holds many secrets, be prepared. ”Am I ready for this? Yes. I need to know. I can’t take it any longer. I grabbed the key and ran to the door. I halted right at the door, took a deep breath, grabbed the candle off of the wall and slowly turned the key.

The door opened slowly. I looked inside to see a room full of statues. I walked in with caution and looked at the statues and could tell that they told a story. I looked at each of the statues in order and I saw a wedding ceremony, a fight, a woman visiting a witch. Wait, a witch? I frantically ran to the next statue and saw a woman pouring something into my fathers goblet. Then there was a servant bringing the goblet to my father. The last statue was of a woman laughing and a lion being taken away. Right at that very second I heard a noise. I went around the dark corridor and heard a large Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! All of a sudden a lion comes out from the shadows and it all makes sense. My mother went to a witch to get a spell and then she poured it in his drink. The following statue shows that my father was turned into a lion. My father never actually left; he was just locked up all these years.

I Wouldn't Touch That If I Were You

By Sri Gowravajjhula

Oliver and Peter were excited that the school year was nearly coming to end and they would be in middle school next year. On Fridays, Peter and Oliver stayed back after school and played together for a little bit before they walked back to their homes.

Oliver missed Spikey a lot and was feeling lonely. So he spent time with Peter on Friday as Oliver’s parents worked a little late that day. During the last summer break, Spikey grew up and had to fly away. Oliver could not hide him anymore in shoe boxes or under his bed. One day, Oliver and Spikey decided that Spikey would fly away to the nearby forest and visit Oliver now and then at night time, Oliver would jog on weekends into the forest and visit Spikey at their secret spot.

While Peter and Oliver were playing tag on a Friday, they went behind the school building and when they were about to turn around they spotted a big mushroom with a pale stem and a red hat with white spots and it was covered in pink slime.

“Cool! Let’s pluck it”, said Peter.

Oliver said, “I wouldn't touch that if I were you. Who knows, it may be poisonous or dangerous.”

“Let’s go and tell our science teacher. Maybe she will tell us what this is” he continued.

They went inside the school building and found their science teacher packing up her things and preparing to leave. She listens to what they both say and accompanies them to the school grounds and as soon as she sees it, she says, “Wow, this is so pretty but this looks dangerous too.”

She calls the janitor on her walkie-talkie and tells him to get a set of gloves, a set of prongs and a plastic bag from the science lab. While the three of them are waiting for the janitor, the teacher takes pictures of the mushroom from every possible angle with her cell phone and promises to share the information about it with Oliver and Peter later.

When the janitor arrives and hands her over the set of prongs, she quickly put the gloves on and uses the the prongs to pick up the mushroom but as soon as the prongs touched the mushroom, the mushroom turned into five tiny red mushrooms and begin to grow bigger and bigger every moment.

“Quick, run everyone!”, the teacher yells.

The janitor, Peter, Oliver, and teacher run out of the school grounds. As soon as they are out of green grass, the teacher quickly calls the police.

The police arrive and the teacher explains to them what happened and they quickly put the caution tape all around the school grounds.

The school principal and all important officials from the school district arrive and they inform the biological scientists to come and look at the mushrooms. The scientists arrive and look at the mushroom and say that it is a rare kind of mushroom but very dangerous and poisonous and grows in the valley of nearby mountains. They think that maybe a flying bird dropped it over the school ground. They used special equipment to gather the mushrooms as the mushroom would pop up into multiple mushrooms when touched by a metal. They put them all in special glass jars and spray the area with a chemical that kills the poison.

They say that no one should play on the ground for two days and they are all happy that tomorrow is Saturday and everything will be normal by Monday. So Oliver and Peter took the time off to play minecraft.

The Untitled Story

By Dexter Ullom

Hello! My name is Lena Duchanes and I’m about to tell you the story about the Eighteen Moons happened but first I want to tell you how I met my boyfriend and about the Sixteen Moons along with the Seventeen Moons.

We were falling. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was there too. “Grab my hand” he said. I tried to grab it but like in all of the dreams before I fell quicker and quicker until I woke up and my hair was a mess I went to the bathroom to brush up and took a nice hot long shower and then I drove Uncle M.’s old Hearse. When I got to my new school I saw him the boy from my dreams we had english with Mrs. English together and when some people were disrespecting Uncle M. I accidentally shattered the classroom window. And ran away to route nine because Uncle M.’s house was there then he came.

“What are you doing out here?!” he said “I live at Ravenwood” I said. I started walking away and he said “I can drive you home!” I said “No! I am ok.” and then he insisted that he should take me home and I finally gave in. and he gave me his jacket when we got in the car and he was about to go somewhere else when I said “it’s over there.” He said “Oh I was about to go to my house sorry…” Then we were at my house and I invited him in and he stayed for dinner then he had to have a second dinner with Amma (am-ma) and I went to bed then the dream came…

We were falling

I tried to reach out

He tried to yell for me to grab his hand

When I did I started falling.

I woke up to the sound of kitchen our kitchen cooking breakfast, then I went to school and after that I went to the burial site of my ancestor Geneve Duchannes. He found me again and we found this locket that allowed us to see things that happened to Geneve. Her Ethan died because of a bullet to the heart and she could not bring him back but for a minute and her eyes glowed like a dark caster’s after she used the book of moons, a book that gives you something and takes something. I had to bring my Ethan back after my mother Saraphine killed him and my eyes became green and gold after my 16 birthday. The song 16 moons is this:

Sixteen moons, sixteen years

Sixteen of your deepest fears

Sixteen times you dreamed my tears falling, falling through the years

Sixteen moons sixteen years

Sound of thunder in your ears

Sixteen miles before she nears sixteen seeks what sixteen fears

Sixteen moons sixteen years

Sixteen times you dreamed my fears

Sixteen will try to bind the spheres sixteen screams but just one hears

Sixteen moons sixteen years

The claiming moon the hour nears

In these pages darkness clears power binds what fire sears

Sixteenth moon sixteenth year

Now has come the day you fear

Claimed or be claimed shed blood shed tear

Moon or sun -- destroy revere

I’ll tell you all about the seventeenth moon next time.


By Julia Holmes
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What My Dogs Do

By Dexter Ullom
Living Cartoon

Student Research

Genius Mathematical Formula

By Julia Holmes


This formula was invented by Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was trying to figure out things people didn’t really understand and trying to put it in a specific and more understandable way. He was trying to create an easier explanation. However, without maybe realizing it he not only created and accomplished scientific and understandable ways of connecting chemicals and reactions he also ended up creating a unique formula known as E=mc2. This formula is known as an energy and mass formula used to calculate mostly mass and speed which most people wouldn’t understand. Other things Einstein considered were gravitational waves. Einstein most of his lifetime worked on formulas, but wanted to express consideration on gravitational waves. He wanted to prove something with gravitational waves to other young people in the next generation.


My hypothesis for this formula is that it can be used with difficult numbers and possibly other alphabetical letters to represent energy, mass, and the speed.


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My results for this analysis showed me that different letters could be used. But they may be a little difficult to understand unlike the clear depictions of the letters Einstein has already used. Other numbers can be used into the equation. You just have to know the total for the equation.


This formula can be used with letters, numbers, and other processes of expressions. Letters may be used, but aren’t needed. Letters will just make an equation more confusing, besides the letters already given with the meanings imputed in them.


  • Einstein didn’t have this formula like how it is now, he had m=L/c2 originally

  • Einstein discovered a penny can give you amazing amounts of energy

  • Einstein had the idea of converting a penny to energy, except it would’ve take really high temperatures and pressures much greater than the sun

  • Albert Einstein was fascinated with his discovery of finding the formula calling it “amusing and enticing”





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Art by Julia Holmes

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