Designer Babies

Good or Bad?

Designer Baby!?

First off, what is a designer baby?

A baby whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present.

Commonly, this is used in order to prevent illnesses or hereditary diseases from being passed on and is very useful since it makes the quality of life for that child much better. However with the technology that we have now and with it improving everyday, there is now talk of controlling other characteristics of the baby, such as hair color, height, and other attributes such as intelligence or athleticism.

So now, this is where the morals and ethics come in since if everyone had the right and the power to choose what kind of child their baby would be, problems are sure to arise. One of these is that it goes against many religions because you are changing the genetic makeup, therefore changing the child completely. Another is the issue of how far people would try to go with this. Characteristics such as hair color are not a result of one gene, but of many, so being able to alter every single gene that controls the pigmentation of your hair is incredibly difficult. Also if we are able to make these children more intelligent or athletic, there is no telling what people would use these for. As always, there are both pros and cons, however this of course depends on what point of view you look at this from.

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Questions for discussion

Should scientists be held morally responsible for the applications of their discoveries?

Is it ethically acceptable to alter an organism's genetic integrity?

Who owns your DNA?

Are designer babies morally unacceptable?

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