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2nd period by Santiago Pena Mayda Flores

adult obisity

Adult Obesity May Have Origin Way back in Kindergarten.

Overweight can start at early age in United State because about a third of U.S. kids are overweight or obese. Adult obesity may have originated way back in kindergarten. Kids who started with overweight in kindergarten have a higher risk of being obese when they become adults, childhood obesity in America can be controlled with healthy eating.

Many parents they don’t see that the kids have a problem of becoming overweight. The risk of being overweight can start at a young age like in kindergarten. Parents and the society can help their kids to not become obese in the future when they become adult. Many kids that are in overweight they start at a shortly age. Kids have also risks to have health problems when they are in overweight. This brings a serious problem like been discriminated by others. It is a problem because that affect emotional to the person that are overweight. Children that are eating healthy food has a minor to become an obese child.

The risk of becoming a severely overweight adult can actually start as early as kindergarten.Colleagues studied more than 7000 children from the time the started kindergarten up until middle school. Kids who started off kindergarten overweight actually have about four times risk of becoming obese by ,middle school compared to with normal weight kindergarten. The first few years of a child life are clearly influential, according to Dr.David Ludwig.

Parents can see at a short age if the weight of their children is normal or is a problem of overweight. They can help them by giving them a healthy food like fruit or vegetables. It’s important to help these children at a young age because obesity is a problem that bring discrimination by others. But is more important to reduce diseases of obese children. The person that are overweight has more probability to have more diseases.


found in www.npr.org

With This Year's Flu, Young Adults Are Not So Invincible

The flu is an illness that affect everyone not just to old people this season start to affect more young people. With This year's Flu, young adults Are not so Invincible. The flu is a serious disease is a highly contagious respiratory infection that had killed many young people and adults.

The flu is affecting more to young people. This infection is called the H1N1 and everybody can prevent this infection with the vaccine. Many people think that they are immortal they think that they don't need to has the flu vaccine every year. The vaccine is important because it save a lot lives. Many people had died for this illness and many of they had been infected for this virus. The flu vaccine help to our body to create antibodies that protect to against viruses that aren't the flu.

Young and middle-aged adults are among the lowest vaccinated age groups in the U.S. Also one study indicates that many of the worst cases of influenza occurred in young that were healthy people. Many colleagues in the hospital found that a 87 percent of young were infected for the virus H1N1 so far. If everyone take this illness seriously and they use the vaccine every year they are not going to get infected by this virus. Some people avoid the vaccine because some effects of the vaccine are resemble with flu symptoms.

The flu affect everyone but can be avoid if more people start to putting the flu vaccine that can prevent of this virus. The vaccine protect to everyone who are using and making it more durable to not get illness for the flu. Many people had died because they didn't use the vaccine on time. It is important because help to us to be healthy and not get sick because nobody like to be sick for the flu. Young people need to think more in them on been healthy than nothing else they can use the vaccine to get protect of the flu.

facebook photos

Photos that are published on Facebook can bring many conflicts on school and in the society.Students punishment for a photo where they are at a party ,was unfair that the students receive the punishment for a photo that was published on the web.

The severe punishment that the students receive for a photo that was taking on a party, where a group of students are drinking something in a red cup.The school of Minnesota think that those students were drinking alcohol.The penalties that the school decide to give to the students was because they committed first violation, but they don’t know what the students were really drinking on that plastic cup.

The students said that the school administrators over reacted to the perception that students in the photo were drinking.The school over reacted with severe punishment on putting to the students that they has committed a first violation.Once the photos that were published in the social-networking website was what brought the attention of the administrators.The students punishment was that students receive on game suspension for the first violation.The School was very wrong on put severe punishment because the students were out of school not in school, And they didn't prove that those students were drinking alcohol on those cups.

At the other side the School of Minnesota was right to make the severe punishment with the students to demonstrate that they take actions to discipline the students on what they are doing.Administrators want to show to the students with penalties that social networking sites make the entire world a public space.At the same time the school was wrong on putting penalties to the students because out of school students need to be penalties by their parents and of they were drinking something on the cup that was a privacy party where the school not has to infer.

Students should not publish every single thing that they do out of school.This publications bring problems in their social life.Schools not should taking too much importance to whatever photo that is published in the web social.Everything that is published in the web sites is not true.Parents can be more responsible in educating their kids.

Found in www.foxnews.com

Obama Signs to Executive Order Raising Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors.

The raise of minimum wage is going to bring more problem to the economy.

Obama signed an executive order raising the minimum wage. The president Obama is raising the minimum wage for all Americans. The executive had been pushed by progressive democratic lawmakers. The raise of minimum wage applies to all contractors performing service for the federal government.

This would affect more than 2 million employees because many people are not going to be able to get a job. The contractors are not going have many people working they are going to reduce the employees to pay the $10.10 this is one of the effect that can have. The minimum wage is for people from 18 to 30 and they are not going to find job with this wage because the contractors already are going to have people working.The president is trying to again the economy. This is going to affect the futures contracts.

The president used Tuesday night to address to a press conference to pass a democratic plan to increase the overall federal wage to $10.10. The effect, discouraging business from hiring more workers at a time when the government is trying to spur job growth. The minimum wage is mostly an entry level wage for young people. A crisis in employment among young people generation from 18 to 30 people that got out of college, are finding there are not jobs for them. This affects not one current contract but is going to affect the futures contract.

The president raised the minimum wage but that is not going to help to the economy. Many people are not going to have a job because contracts they are going to reduce the employees in order to pay what president Obama say. Also many young people are not going to find job when they really need. This is going to bring more problems to the economy. With what the President proposed there are going to be more people unemployment.They have to increase job not leaving people with not jobs.

letter to the editor

cell phone use

Dear Editor,

Cell phones in society are very important they become the center of the attraction. Cell phones are an unnecessary distraction in today's world. They are causing people to not pay attention to what they are doing.Although sometimes cell phones may be convenient and come in handy, they are usually just a luxury item that people want and

don't really need.

Cell phones are the center of attraction by more people young that the old people because they don’t really think that a luxury cell phone is important. When you are trying to do something the cell phone don’t let you to concentrate on what you are doing this is because many people they say that they can not live without phones. They become a distraction because if you are in a job if you have the cell phone then you can not concentrate on the work that you need to do. The youngest people are more interesting on the cell phones because they like that they have too much technology.

Many people don’t use the phone to make important calls they just like to have a good phone. Some people use them just to play around. If you are trying to do a great work on whatever you are working if the cell phone is beside you then you can’t concentrate because every seconds you are checking if you have a message.

In the world there are many more important things that you can have and they are important not like a luxury phone. They let us to make call from almost everywhere. Cell phone are actually effective communication.That's why I think cell phones are just a big distraction from the world around you.


The flue is a serious problem and is affecting more to young people. We think that just old people get this flu but is not just them is everybody. The solution is the vaccine that protect you to not get others infections that are not the flue. This year more young people had been sick of this illness.

More young adult need to take in serious this illness and they need to start using the vaccine. Many people of all age avoid this vaccine just because they don’t like to use vaccine. Is better to get protect for this virus because many people had died because by this flu. The vaccine make you more resistant to this infection and save to not get easily. It is better to prevent this illness because this has severe reaction and that make you stay for at least one week.

This is a illness serious because many people had die because they didn't use the vaccine. Many life can be save if they started to using this vaccine. Many people don’t know the importance that this vaccine has. Also more young s adult need to start using because they think that they are immortal to not get this flu but the series is that this is a virus and can affect everyone.