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Written by Brayton Tuma for Ultimate Sports Center

HIRTS-1 is a compact recording device. It measures and records impact on the helmet. It is put on the surface of the helmet. It weighs 40 grams it will record the exact date, time, impact range. it can take recordings thousands of times. The device records “change in velocity” with the impact acceleration event in the three axes. during the impact it records peaks, or maximum acceleration.

Sometimes people have been known to have early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive problems. They say that a 350 pound lineman gives off as much force as a bull.

Over the years, consistent NOCSAE testing has led to fewer skull fractures and subdural hematomas by making better helmet features. But several helmet manufactures did not like the tests.

Over 100,000 concussions happen every year 60% are from head to head collisions. When both players are running at each other the speed combined is 20 MPH.With a struck players head deceleration is 14 MPH. Evan improved helmet technology can only reduce 80 G's 40 G's. The average days out because of concussions has more than doubled.

A fifteen mila second impact give off 100 G's of force. Special teams can have up to 190 G's of force.40 G's is enough to cause a concussion or neck fracture. A fifteen mila second impact is equal to getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer.

Thats why my football coaches always say never lead with our head.They also teach us proper tackling.


Writer Wyatt Schaben

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Nfl Commissioner Roger Goodell had to replace the old Nfl refs because the refs wanted a new contract but they wanted too much money so he had to replace them with 3A high school and lingerie refs! It wasn’t a terrible thing at first but by the third week they had made too many bad calls from a touchdown which was an interception. Too an game winning or losing tipped pass which was caught but they said he didn’t have possession. On September 27 the Nfl Commissioner called the old refs and gave them a new contract for 8 years.

Each Saturday the Nfl sends out questions to people around the United States asking questions about the different teams last week they asked this, Which team has the best red zone defense. Jason from Indiana answered Tampa Bay, Entering week 3 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in terms of touchdown percentages had the best defence in side the 20 yard line. In six red zone possessions Tampa Bay gave one TD (16.7%).

The New Orleans Saints had a bounty scandal on them, which means that the saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and head coach Sean Payton were paying the players money to try to hurt and knock out of the game the other teams Quarterbacks. Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, Gregg Williams, and Sean Payton they were all suspended for charges of the bounty. On September 7 all the players suspensions were lifted.

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings Last Games ( 2012 summer Olympics)

By: Olivia Petersen

Misty and Kerri swept the beach court in the summer Olympics for the last time winning the gold medal in a fun match USA against USA (score 21 to 16), the twice defending champions extended their streak to 21 in a row by beating Athens, Beijing then through London.

The first time they ever met and teamed up was in 2001. From then on they had 112 straight victories, three gold medals, and three world champions. They are the best girls beach volleyball team ever in history.

Everyone will miss Misty but Kerri is going to keep the tradition on fire with her new partner.
The team are not going to leave each other though they will always be the best of friends.

On Wednesday in the chilling 63 degrees Misty and Kerri defeated April Ross and Jennifer Kessey. It was the one serve that was out that created history for Kerri and Misty. You go girls.

The Iditarod

By Lucas Brace

The Iditarod starts in Anchorage, Alaska. The terrain is the most beautiful and extreme 1150 mile course.

The tour prices are 325 dollars per person when they go to the Iditarod. In almost all the races at least one dog has died. There are many causes of death of dogs for example; liver injuries, heart failure, pneumonia, sudden death, and muscle and organ deteriorate.

On average fifty percent of dogs who start the races cannot make it across the finish line. A guy drove his dogs through waist high water and ice.

On May 28, 1999 the race to turning a profit and the purse this year 1999 was more than 500,000 dollars, the biggest ever.

Mitch Seavey was the 2004 champion and won 50,400 dollars and a new truck. Sixty teams began on March 4 and 12 mushers have scratched.

Dog Shows

In 1938 The Westminster Kennel club was holding its 62nd annual dog show in New York City. Then, in 1877 the club was America’s oldest organization for the sport of purebred dogs. And it was that same year when The Westminster Kennel Club became an official club.And the 129th annual dog show was going to happen in 2005. The interest of dogs went up because of dog shows. Some tricks that the dogs do in the shows are wagging the tail, sitting pretty, shaking a paw, rolling over and begging. The most common activity for the dogs to do is strut in front of the judges. One of the awards is called the best of the breed. And the highest award given in a regular dog show is “Best in The Show”.