young thomas edison.

by michale dooling and aiden

thomas edeison.

main characters: thomas edison.

the story takes place in 1800s, milan oiho, thomass house, celler-labitory.

the book is about thomas edison loves to experiment. he got scrlet fever. thomas loves to read and learn.

the narrator is michle dooling.

my favorite part is when he invented a mecein that makes sound waves. because we need it.

i woud not make enay changes for this book

thomas loved to experiment

he enjoyed mixing cimicles.

he soaked up information.

his labitory was in his parints celler

he never gave up

edison invented many useful devices

carben translater made the humen voice louder.

he was a hord worker.

he invented the telliphone.

he made 1,093 inventions.

he had a lot of peaple